Aug 17, 2010

Art Supplies

Over the past few years, I have taken a slight interest for watercolours and sketching even though I do not have a huge talent in the art area:). The true and pure beauty of nature in Yosemite inspires me to sketch, draw, and paint. Watercolours is such a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, and is very convenient when travelling.

To sit with a paint brush in hand, amongst the tall, meadow grass which slightly rustles in the light breeze, and look and paint that which is before you. To sit and look at tall pines reaching for the early evening sky, to watch the aspens quiver in the breeze, to capture the scene with a few strokes from your paintbrush. To sit and hear the birds chirp in harmony as the brook or stream gurgles merrily, and giggles, and sighs... to sit and to paint, this is pure happiness! (or to capture the scene with words as well:)

Unfortunately, when I come home, the very slightest inspiration for sketching and watercolours fade:) Here's one of the sketches I did of a water fall near Happy Isles, Yosemite: I was going to paint it, but then I thought it looked nicer just as a light sketch with a bit of charcoal. Here is a watercolour I did. I like the aspens in the corner!:) It was not my best work, for the paper was not suited for such water-based substances.

One cannot go into the meadow without hearing the bells ring~Truth Project

(Meaning, one cannot go into a meadow without thinking there is not a God who made it)

To-day, Mother purchased these lovely watercolours for the trip. Thank you so much, Mama!!!

So pretty...I bought this thick book and am so excited to use it!
And I bought this as well for my sketches: Every pet always have one strange quirk or another. Here's a video of what my bunny rabbit does with our gorilla hair ground cover:


Pretty cute, right? My family and I call it Oakley's stick toy! Sometimes he tries to annoy Lily (my cat) just so she will play with him!:)

Hope all is having a lovely evening!

Love From Your Sister in Christ,


  1. So cool! When are you goon to
    Yosemite? It sounds fun!
    Have a good time.

  2. I love your watercolors, they are so pretty. :D I've never tried watercolors before.
    Your bunny is so sweet! I've always wanted one.

    Abby :D

  3. Oh how lovely! I love painting and drawing too! :) Your bunny is so cute!!!
    Have a lovely trip!
    Love from,

  4. Your bunny is so cute! I think your second painting was really pretty! Oh and thanks for the invite! God bless,