Aug 14, 2010

Some Favourites of Mine...

Dear Readers,

I thought you might enjoy some of my favourite videos from Youtube! I think it is about time that I share these with you! Enjoy! (You will have to turn off my music player at the bottom of the page). With the larger videos, I would suggest watching them on Youtube (Especially Simon the Cat:)

Oh, my goodness! Have you seen this one? This is an absolute FAVOURITE!!!

I really like the Cactus Cuties

This one will definitely make you cry:)

The look on her face is so sweet, so priceless!

I laugh at these videos everytime!:)

Tell me which one is your favourite! Weren't the last ones funny?!:) LOL!

Love from Your Sister in Christ,


  1. The one of the soldier surprising his daughter is my favorite I think. Oh, and those two girls singing the song from "Annie Get your Guns" is simply HILARIOUS! They have such adorable expressions.

    Here is one of the same typeof video that I LOVE-but it makes me cry every single time! It's called "Soldiers Surprising Their Kids"-

  2. That one about the girl and her daddy surprising her did about make me cry! And we LOVE watching 'Simon's Cat' :D My little brother Isaiah heard it and came running, "Is that the cat one? "meeoow, meeoow" that one?!" :D

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! It is always an encouragement to hear that other girls enjoy it :D


  3. I like the Cactus Cuties one! They are so funny when they act all mad and then hug eachother! :D