Aug 8, 2010

Sewing, Crocheting, and More!

Hello, dear readers! Thank you so much for stopping by my garden on such lovely summer afternoon!
I have been busying myself by sewing these sweet flowers.

I wore this one to church to-day! I love how easy they are as well!
I have also crocheted this dish cloth/wash cloth for my hopechest collection! It was my first attempt to make one with a trim around it. Here is a close-up on the trim. It does have a few rough spots, but it was my first attempt on making a washcloth with single crochets:)
I am also attempting to make a lacey doiley with really thin yarn:
If I had a dollhouse I could use this for a lamp shade!:)
And here is another movie of my sweet niece!
Hope you are enjoying the summertime weather!
Love always,


  1. What beautiful projects Grace, and what a sweet little 'movie' at the end!

    Have a lovely day dear Friend!

  2. Hello Grace! I just love the flower hair pins!!! They are so beautiful! You did a wonderful job on them. I love the dish cloth and the video as well. Your niece is so cute!
    Love always,

  3. The lace doiley is very lovely as well. :)

  4. I love the sweet hair pin flowers, and the dish cloth is lovely as well. You are truly talented, dear friend!

    Your Sister In Christ,

    P.S. It is always a lovely day in your garden! :)

  5. I love the lowers. Your dishcloth turned out quite well for a first attempt!

  6. aww ur niece is so cute!!!

  7. I love the flowers (& your other creations)! So cute; they look store bought (professionally rendered=)! Thanks for your note on my blog & for praying for me dear little sis! Know I'm praying for you too! =) Love the video! Well, I start my job tomorrow...I'm soooo nervous...shhh! =)

  8. Your projects turned out really well, Grace! :) Your niece is very cute too. :D

  9. Hello dearest Grace! Well,we are leaving tomorrow morning for our trip! I will talk to you later! I will take lots of pictures and try to write down all of my "farm" experiences.
    Have a lovely day! Bye for now!
    I will miss you a lot!
    Love from,

    P.s. I will try to mail your letter as soon as I can. :)

  10. Hi Grace,
    That's so cool!

  11. I love the washclothes!
    I like making them to.
    Mine are not that pretty.
    Anna Kiser