Feb 27, 2014

oh hodgepodge vol. iv.

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||| all stills taken with iPhone with // VSCO presets ||| 

+ new catchphrase of the month: "Good golly, Miss Molly!"...and i really don't know where these funny expressions come from. 
+ it's really fun to say, "Je ne sais pas." and I'm not even learning french. 
+ i have funny dreams at night. makes me wonder why people always say, "chase your dreams." {if by chasing my dreams, you mean chase that hobgoblin that was chasing ME in my dream - no, thanks}. 
+ all i want are warm days {or rainy ones} and loads of swing dances. is that TOO much to ask?!!! 
+ posh 50's speech from "call the midwife" is amusing - and dangerously catchy. 
+ i found my little slice of heaven in barns & noble the other day: the travel section {preferably about London}. 
+ the closest thing you'll get to snow here in my neck o' dee woods are the shedding of the white plum blossoms. 
+ college is coming a little too fast. 
+ summer, on the other hand, not fast enough. 
+ mum took me out for breakfast a few weeks ago to the most darling cafe by the sea. their french toast was sopping in butter with SCRUMPTIOUS fresh berries and sweet butter to boot. between that and the chai, we walked away very full and very happy. 
+ i've been going a little crazy with my journals of late, ripping up all the magazines these hands can find. 
+ if you haven't taken a bath with homemade sugar scrub, you're missing out. your skin will thank you, if you do. 
+ it's been absolutely TERRIBLE, these past few days without cream or milk or any dairy product in the house. no coffee. no tea. and on these rainy days, of course. ugh. it's devastating {not really}. i respect dairy-free gals, but i'm too much of a wimp to be able to do it on my own accord. :P
+ i've been sorting through my letter box, and gosh, i feel like one lucky girl as i can't even close it! {you all are amazing, by the way!}
+ i finally watched despicable me 2, and let me tell you one thing...I'VE BEEN LIVING MY LIFE UNDER A ROCK OKAY!!! 'nuf said. 
+ favorite class this semester? speech. my speech teacher is amazing. 
+ i am obsessed with instagram. and VSCO. but mostly instagram....and VSCO. 
+ where on earth did february go?!!!

la fine. 
un // duex // trois 

label this post under: teenage ditz. why do i like writing these posts?!!!


  1. love to hear some thoughts in your head :)
    well, before you know it, college will end. by the way, that picture of the sea makes me want to jump in there!

  2. you're so cute and your life is so cute and i like being your friend.

  3. Lovely photos + words, what more can one ask for?


  4. i love your hodgepodge posts. they give a lovely peek into your everyday life.
    also: you are completely adorable. and your photos are loverly, especially number two and four.