Feb 24, 2014

on journaling // little lottie.

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I am so excited for all the good things to come. 
little lottie - woodsy & whimsical - serves as a constant reminder of the national park she was purchased in. she is named after "lotte" {or charlotte} from phantom of the opera and is often confused with her"twin" livvy {my very first journal}. more than once has her name been mistaken in an entry. to this day she is stuffed with bits n' pieces of life which include abandoned snail mail envelopes, magazine clippings, and love notes. {insane for naming my journals? yes, yes, i am}. 
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bits and pieces // 
pressing/drying: plum blossoms and peach blossoms and roses from the farmer's market. 
journaling: about spring. missing summer. snail mail. 
inspired by: the epitome of journaling eye candy || this amazingly talented artist. 
missing: disneyland. a lot of people.  
listening to: swing and more swing. and cello music. 
wishing: for summer. for loads more dances. and for handsome young chaps to attend. :) 
watching: call the midwife || downton abbey 
learning: about makeup {best tip link recommendations?}
remembering: prince of egypt || a childhood + current favorite 
singing: to be free
loving: 40's // 50's anything {call the midwife will do that to you} || homemade sugar scrubs + warm baths. || curls.
munching on: clementines
drinking: iced vanilla coffee
preparing: a very late birthday present for my bestie {ugh. label me as a complete and utterly hopeless procrastinator} 
receiving: snail mail from this dear & this one

the weather here in cali has been absolutely divine {so sorry to my dear east coasters}. it's been warmer outdoors than in, so the opening of the windows is called for. i've been listening to cello music because it makes me feel artistic and have been drinking more coffee than normal because it's been keeping me sane. the sun drenches the hills with pastels later and later each day; stirring excitement that day light savings is only a few weeks away. savoring the fresh air mingled with the alluring scent of plum blossoms and spring warmth does my soul good, filling the cracks in my heart winter seemed to slowly be chipping away. 
warmer days are coming. keep your head up, my dear. 


  1. love this. your journals are AMAZING.

  2. I am so jealous of people who's journals look nice. My journal is a bunch of scribbles, nothing pretty tucked between the pages

  3. Your journals are to die for. Simply marvelous. <3

  4. GRACE. your journals are so gorgeous.!! <3

  5. oh, i am so jealous of your journaling skills. my golly gosh. i recognize a few familiar things in there, too. ;) the music paper, and the marigold petals. my, i wish i could use the lovely things you sent me as beautifully as you do. i need a better journal, for that kind of thing, however, once this one is filled. the one i have now is lined - pink lines, so nothing neutral. ;) but MY GOODNESS.

    fkaljs;dflkaj;sdfkja;skdjf. really, this describes this. and your writing, and just you. you are so incredible, and i'm so so so blessed to call you my friend. skype soon, hmm? love you bunches n' bunches, m'dear Pond. x

    p.s. are you using VSCO yet? ;)

  6. Oh oh Grace you must write a book on the art of journaling. And being creative. And being original. And making such beautiful, beautiful things. Because you're all those things (and more).

    Also, 'amazingly talented artist'? YOU'RE A DEAR.

    xx Acacia

  7. ps what do you use to edit you're photographs? The tint in them is simply divine!

    1. thank you, doll! you are simply the best. ;)
      I use Lightroom 4 with VSCO presets a friend sent me, along with a pack I found over the internet a few years ago and tweaked. ;) I am SO in love + inspired with YOUR photography it's not even funny. :D xx

  8. oh my dear WOW. i'm so in awe of this and alllll your other creative things you do! these are the posts of yours i love the best! looking at other people's journals/snail mail inspires me so much!
    i was wondering two things -
    a) do you have place in your life for another pen-pal? i would love to be one!
    b) would you do a post on how you journal. from the blank page to the finished product (if you see what i mean?) and how you put together a letter?

    THANK YOU. <3 *bookmarks this page* (practically all my book marks are links to your blog!;)

    1. aw, thank you, dear! these are the posts I enjoy sharing the most, and I appreciate the kind words. ;)

      i. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the inquiry. normally, I'd say "YES!" immediately - and I'd love to gain another lettering friend from across seas. however, due to my utterly hopeless procrastination + lack of time + lack of money + college is lingering on the horizon; I'm afraid I have to decline. *winces* I am so sorry, darling. I really appreciate the interest and hope you find more lettering friends who are TEN TIMES BETTER than I ever could be.
      ii. thank you for the suggestion! I shall try. perhaps, there will even be a 'vlog' in the near future? ;)

      again i thank you for the lovely words. you made my day. xx

    2. your welcome!
      i. Ahaha okay well i hope everything goes well, i' have a college interview on Tuesday..AARGH. However, if you ever find the time - you know where i am! :)
      11. yes yes yes. :p

  9. Oooohhh can I just steal your gorgeous journal and your journaling skills? this is fabulous!

  10. So beautiful! In the short time since I stumbled across your blog, you've managed to get me out of journaling slump that I've been in for approx. the past year. :) Thank you so much!

    P.S. What kind of glue do you use in your journals? (Or do you use something like double-sided tape?) I'm currently using one of those big "craft" glue sticks, and I really need something better...

    1. Aw, thank you for the kind words! Glad Lottie could be of some inspiration. ;)

      I am a rebel and use photo squares {double-sided stickies really used to put photographs in scrapbooks}. I don't really recommend them, because they don't seem to hold magazine clippings down as well as I would like. If I don't use that, I just use a dab of plain old elmer's glue [make sure you don't use too much or else the paper will crumple!} ;) hope this helps!

  11. Your journals are always so beautiful and inspiring. Seriously. I love them so, so much.


  12. I totally agree with Acacia, you need to write a book about creative journaling and share some of your skillz.
    (orrrr... a post sharing your favorite places to find inspiration, where you get your magazines, how you assemble your pages, your favorite items to use, etc. would be extremely loved. ;) ) but seriously, your journals are always filled with beauty and inspiration and i absolutely love the peeks we get to see.

  13. WOW! I love this. Your journal looks like you put a lot into it.