Mar 3, 2014

my mind is a nebulas & my thoughts are constellations that i can't hope to comprehend.

 photo DSC_0051_zps71c6619e.jpg photo lightandshadow_zps55285fb6.jpg
 photo shadowandlight_zpsb00f91db.jpg

there is triumph announced in the declaration, "I am afraid no longer," but there is so much bravery breathed when someone says simply, "I am afraid." not expecting judgements or relief. simply trusting that the world will stir in recognition at the sound of three simple words. "I am afraid."

and to be frightfully honest, I am. I'm afraid. I am afraid you're going to forget me. I'm afraid that we are forgetting each other already. each day steals another one of my precious memories of you. each day steals us farther from who we used to be. I'm afraid of what these years do to us. no matter what we promise aloud, they etch us. they change us. they pull us apart. they mold us. one day, i feel we will meet each other and never breath a hello, we'll be strangers with a lot of memories flashing in our  eyes in that brief moment of recognition. each day I hold my breath in anticipation of seeing you again; each day I hold my breath in anxiety wondering how much this year has changed the both of us. 

"where are you running to?" you may ask now. the sweetest word in the english language is "belonging." and i guess that's where i'm headed. whether or not these stars will always lead me back to you is what i await to discover.


  1. oh my darling. *throws camera across the room* and i would smash my computer if it wasn't already broken. [this will make no sense to anyone but you. i'm done. no one can do any better than you do when it comes to weaving words and photos together so seamlessly them seem to be one.] hehe. slightly dramatic. but still. this is amazing. incredible. beautiful. don't ever ever stop writing, because i will literally go into withdrawals. m'kay.

    but your words stir my soul, and resonate deep in the cracks of my heart. very few written words do that to me. you are so talented, and gorgeous (i mean, dang. use those VSCO presets. teach me?! ;)) and simply amazing, and i love you to the moon and back. xox

  2. This is so true and you put it all together so beautifully. We all want to belong.

  3. okay so you're gorgeous. love the light in these photos.
    xx. Megan