Feb 8, 2014

what i reaped after four years of blogging and what i want to sow.

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work for a cause not applause. live life to express not impress.
it's been four years past since i "planted" this little site. it seems like an age.
in all honesty, these past few months i've wondered if I should stop. after all, college is on the horizon; and hiatuses seem a little more common than they should be, while inspiration's only continuous trait seems to be constant absence. but, i keep having to breathe deeply and be reminded that winter only knows how to steal {warmth, color, verdure, birds, inspiration}. cold is its only companion - and it takes a true poet to see the beauty in that {by the way, i'm not that poet, just so you know:P}.

and i've pondered about changing the whole bit. uprooting my garden idea and placing it in a journal-type format with postscripts and footnotes and the like - but only for myself and my art...or what i like to call such. but then i remembered why i started "gardening/blogging." i started to gather people, because in the real world that's the purpose of a garden. to gather, to encourage, and to connect. i have met the dearest people in the world - people i couldn't even imagine where i'd be without, through blogging. and that's the charm i feel is slowly being left behind. focusing on gaining more followers instead of friendships, more comments instead of encouragement, more stats in place of truly bonding over common interests and inspiring one another. working for a niche that isn't your true style.

 photo WHYDOYOUNOTWORK.jpg||| all these letters are for blogging friends // the yellow one is from one of my best of blogging friends ||| 

my friend wrote to me in a letter not too long ago about how when she left the blogging world, it felt like a lot of bloggers were writing only for themselves. and i wonder if that's why so many of the blogs, i loved to follow along have since been abandoned now after all these years. because trends only last awhile. floating sidebars go out of fashion; stellar photographs run out of film; editing programs become obsolete; writings run out of inspiration. i photograph for a compliment. i blog for comments. i blog for my own personal ego. "grace, you're so lovely;" "grace, you are so talented!" "grace, your photographs are stunning!" and if the comments stop one day, if inspiration runs for the hills, my frustration will always be rooted in unhappiness.

well, unhappiness ends here. it's time to rise to the challenge. it's time to stop aspiring and start connecting. stop reaping and start sowing.

*so tell me one blog you love, that inspires you, challenges you; and the blogger you want to aspire towards being like. tell me why? is it because of the number of followers or their true style? tell me why you love blogging. tell me why every time you log into your account - your heart skips a beat. tell me about the relationships you've formed and the people you've met and the stories of how blogging people have been there for you on a bad day or the time you met your best friend in real life behind the laptop that typed up all your posts.* 

blogging is a community. and someday, i'm going to travel the world - and i want to met every one of you so i can hear your story.

thanks for sticking around, friend. 
xx ||| tell me your story* 


  1. and thank you to keep writing/planting :)

  2. I like so many blogs and yet not enough. Here is one; I love when bloggers are genuinely hilarious and personable with their words. Here is another which features period drama reviews and games. Finally, here is a third on which I have seen lovely crafts and found lovely books. I love blogs by homeschooled girls and graduates who enjoy fangirling, crafts, and books because they come from my type of background and like similar things. I like to laugh at funny posts, admire pretty crafts, read reviews and discuss period drama. I do blog for myself which is probably why I don't have many followers, but I don't want to be forced into a mold. I want my blog to help me to think about books I have read, inspire me to complete more crafts, and hopefully eventually to dress well (fashion blogs have definitely already inspired me in that). I do need to care a bit more about making my blog appealing to readers with visuals and such (after all, it should look and sound something like a blog I would want to read; it would be a bit hypocritical if it did not). I will never have a huge following; I don't have the personality.

    One thing I don't like on blogs is people being too personal, baring their souls. I can take a bit more serious from time to time, but I don't want to turn my soul inside out on the internet and reading when others do so weirds me out especially if they are not Christians or feel like they are straying from the spirit of the Bible's teaching. I don't everyone has to be as removed as I, but the "authenticity" fad goes too far. It seems to be among young girls and women who don't seem to realize that you can be genuine and reserved.

  3. dear sweet Grace,
    I think I've mentioned this to you before, but yours was one of the first blogs I ever visited & the first blog that truly inspired me back four years ago when I was just starting out in the blogging world. I love your honest posts & I especially loved the fact that you care about every single person who stops by your "garden." I still remember being super ecstatic when you commented on my blog for the first time after I entered your photo challenge that one time (but don't go back looking for that post... the photo & edit are... just don't :P ). The point I'm trying to make is that yours is the one blog I love & the one blog that has inspired me & inspires me still. So know this: I hope you never stop blogging & never stop creating & expressing your beautiful self. And I know I speak for all your friends as well when I say that we will never let you down & we will never stop supporting you, & we have a lifetime ahead to prove that.
    And now on to some funn-- Opps!!! Sorry. I mean to save that part for your wedding day. Just got a little ahead of myself here.

    p.s. Rory is my favourite. I must get myself a Rory as well. I desperately want-- err, need one.

  4. like, like, like this post so much! I have been so disappointed with the blogging world as of late. All people seem to care about are followers, comments, and the like. And it is hard sometimes to find the real gems, the blogs who really stand out and inspire.

    Some of my absolute favorites are these;


    And, of course, I always enjoy reading your lovely posts. :)

  5. I have always loved that your blog is a garden. The idea is so perfect and it really represents all that is good in the blogging world. Like Eve said, yours was one of the first blogs that I ever followed, and it has been one of my favorites ever since. You are talented, my dear; never doubt yourself. You may talk about how other bloggers seem to be "perfect bloggers", but honestly, yours is as good if not better than theirs. After following your blog, I was introduced to a whole community of amazing people (Like Eve, Mikailah, and Acacia) whose blogs I love as well. I hope you never stop sharing from your heart, darling, because that's what makes this little plot unique and special.


  6. Thank you for this post!
    On my blog I only have one follower and I rarely get comments. I have to remind myself that I am blogging because I enjoy writing,doing book reviews and most importantly for God's glory- not because I need attention.

    I hope you have a great day in the Lord!

  7. a perfect reminder, sweet Grace. That we are here to *give*, and not too see what we can gain. {though with that desire, we end up receiving ever so much more than we can imagine!} It is so sad how easily we can be sucked into a world of trending and living for vain glory, and I cherish your encouragement. The Lord has blessed me ever so much through this small world of blogging, and some of my dearest friends and confidants were found from small little pages of words and photos. Some sweethearts I only visit with through pen and page, while other's I've had the joy of squeezing with the warmest hug I can muster. It is simply amazing to see how the Lord brings His daughters together. ♥
    And you, sweet sister, have been an encouragement to my heart and an inspiration to my soul.... continue sowing in the fields that God has placed you in, and embracing the sweet blossoms which you reap along the way.
    {And you're coming to my home state for college? HOW EXCITING. I do hope you find this southern little part of the country charming and graceful. ;) }


  8. Gracie darling- amidst all the fake and frankly cliche bloggers, your thoughts and words and heart ring true. Don't give up, don't lose sight. We need you here. I need you here.

    --that envelope letter was legit and caused many squeals btw.

  9. Grace.
    My mouth literally dropped open while reading your words. Your honesty struck me right smack dab in the face. You said what many others are longing to say.
    Thank you.