Feb 11, 2014

i'll see you in the future with your laughter lines.

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i'll see you in the future, when we're older
and we are full of stories to be told...
i'll see you in the future with our laughter lines. 
// laughter lines, bastille // 

the problem is || i have a terrible memory.
i remember everything
every inside joke. every smile. every laugh. every conversation. every secret said and read in the way you looked at someone dear to your heart. every speech you've ever given, and every argument we could never settle. every car ride that never seemed short {or long enough} and every loose smile that tugged at my lips whenever you teased me. every moment i've never spent with you, and every person that touched your life. every story we've ever told, and every song we have ever sung.  
and i try to forget. i do. but how do you turn someone into a stranger when all your heartstrings are linked to mine? 
you're the stars sewn into my midnight skin - the dust that settles on every memory that i run into. 
you wander into my mind as easily as breathing. 
and i promised myself not to feed that little ache in my heart more than i should - 
not to be sad over the same thing twice over - the same thing that i can't fix. 
i wanted so desperately to be brave; to be the heroine of the story by moving on
but i ended up being simply a lingerer, a passerby. 
and let's face it
i have always worn my heart upon my sleeve
i've always loved too fiercely and remembered too easily
and every word of reprimand i've wanted to whisper 
are etched upon my brow
but my silence will forever scream
i miss you. i miss you. 
i. miss. you. 

maybe in the future, i'll see you with the laughter lines i didn't put there. 

and you can tell me a story. 


  1. Beautiful and so heartfelt.

    The line "I've always loved too fiercely and remembered too easily" especially stuck out to me. This made my eyes fill with tears because it put into words how I feel about someone I miss, too.

    Again, these words are just beautiful.

  2. Ohmyword. This makes my heart ache. And the way you started it off with "I have a terrible memory" caught my attention. You didn't use it in the "traditional" sense of the word. Your memory is terrible and won't let you forget.

    I can't handle this!

  3. oh, sweet girl, I have tears in my eyes. This is so heartfelt and raw, and every word resonates so deep inside my heart. dear friend, your words are poetry. and I love you so so much.

  4. gahhhhh. i honestly think this is the best thing you've ever written. "you're the stars sewn into my midnight skin - the dust that settles on every memory that i run into."
    just GAH. (brb, writing this entire thing in my journal)
    and i won't even start on the photographs, the third and fourth... you are such a stunner and those blossoms are absolutely perfect.

  5. Wow! So heartfelt and raw (in a good way)!

  6. I'm about to cry...GAH! these words are so beautiful...and just so happen to touch a tender place in my heart. I know how hard it is to move on from a friendship or a relationship like that....
    wow girl. just wow.

  7. My dear, you are a fantastic writer, plucking your reader's heartstrings. ♡
    Ps. You weren't kidding when you said 'blooming'!

  8. Ahhh lovely. The photography and the writing! I'll be sure to read more

    Anna x

  9. This sent little shivers up and down my body.