Aug 27, 2013

sherlock inspired diys

 photo Notyourhousekeepersapron.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY.jpg
 photo notyourhousekeeperapron.jpg

// half apron tutorial by Rachael Meyers // 

 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-6.jpg

// tea wallet tutorial by handmade therapy //

 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-10.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-11.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-12.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-13.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-14.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-17.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-16.jpg
 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-15.jpg

// explosion box card tutorial // 

 photo SherlockExplosionBoxandApronDIY-9.jpg

now, if it isn't obvious enough to you by now, I'm a huge GINORMOUS, unhealthily obsessed Sherlockian. thanks to the two handsome dudes gentlemen living in 221b Baker Street, my life has never been the same. *ultimate facepalm* 

and that's all thanks to this girl right here. *winchel smirk* 

since we celebrated her birthday last week, I spent all the preceding thursday {once again, NEVER just makes you stay up until 11:00 at night having a row with the sewing machine} sewing an apron and tea wallet with this fabric. i also finished up the details of my "I am [] [] [] [] locked" explosion birthday card which was posted on this website here
{to say that this girl is lucky is an understatement :D}. 

have you made any fandom inspired crafts? 
xx from a fellow wholockian 


  1. Wow you made those?
    I have never watched that show but would like to.
    My 12 year old brother loves to read Sherlock. he is a BIG fan.
    You are very talented!


  2. i just love this! sherlockians unite!! xD i have fandom inspired crafts that i'd LIKE to try.... but procrastination is a problem for me as well, let us say.

    lizabeth xx

  3. this is perfect grace. I loved the little videos, too. :)

  4. Oh my. This is so so SK good and beautimous and I heart Sherlock and you.

  5. oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing! your friend is so so lucky to have such an amazing girl like you for a friend, and to get this beautiful card!

  6. AH YES. I'm a fellow Sherlockian. That show gives me so many feelings.
    This post makes me so happy. Awesome gifts! Jealous. haha
    For a good friend of mine I got her a mug with a hedgehog wearing Watson's outfit(You know, because Martin Freeman is apparently a hedgehog).

  7. perfect! oh my goodness i love sherlock.

  8. Haha, I wish I was more of a Sherlock fan, but... I know I know- hate me ;)

    Love you and you are just too cute and colorful for words, doll, but you knew that already didn'tchya?

  9. you are so creative and crafty! i love these!

    lindsey louise

  10. OHMYGOSH, SHERLOCK!!!!!!! *massive fangirling*

  11. This post is just too perfect for my fangirl self. I'm a wholockian too :)

  12. Oh my I LOVE Sherlock!!! love love love your shirt!!