Sep 1, 2013

roots & wings

 photo longing.jpg
 photo longing-2.jpg
 photo longing-3.jpg
i think i'm living my life in 
a piece here 
where I call home 
a piece in the future
and in the past
ruing over my cuppa nostalgia
and a piece with you
& you & you & you,
and maybe i'd be lying
if i didn't include you
and a home that used to be
and one that may have never
really existed except for in my mind. 
every piece is scattered
across the world 
in places i've never been 
and people i've never met, 
and in lives i shall never 
have the opportunity of 

i've got roots
that i've adopted 
that are as deep 
as the ones sopping up 
the bits of water 
under the sandy riverbed. 
my heart breathes
every trough and crest
from here to the seaside.
but my wings grow 
stronger & stronger 
steeped with longing
and promises of 
something more over
that hill, that crest, that valley
that ocean of loneliness.
my heart reaches for 
where the sky melts into 
the sea; that hem of blue
no words can describe -
for the rays dripping
down on the other side of 
the world
as the sun spills under the horizon,
for those little indentations
on the globe
spinning with my lingering

sometimes poetry is the only means of untangling my myriads of thoughts.
sometimes i've got too much time on my hands to do so. 
'ello septembre. you're going to be splendid, arentcha? 


  1. oh my. this is beautiful and I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and I don't really know why; except this strikes a cord really deep in my heart. love you, sweet friend. xx

  2. Very pretty Grace and the first photo you took...simply beautiful!


  3. i think my pieces of home are scattered too in some places.

    i love the lights in your photos

  4. not only is your poetry loverly, but man alive I think I just fell in love with those photos. all in all gorgeous and makes me all achey inside, in a good way. dang girl.

  5. That. was. amazing. And I couldn't have written that, yet somehow I felt like it could've some from my own heart. Simply beautiful!

  6. Grace. Your photography and your poetry and the way you think and the way you express the way you think. They all blow me away EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    I'm glad we talked today- I understand your poem and pictures so much more now.
    Girl, you light a fire of inspiration in me.

  7. oh lady! this is so beautiful. (ugh, that sounds so cliche` and pathetic, but honestly that's the only word that fits.)
    and the light in your photographs is perfection.

  8. Just lovely, friend. So beautiful to read your words and see your photographs. Every time you post I see beauty. :)

    I nominated you over @

  9. this is beautiful. and the photos are breathtaking!