Aug 23, 2013

folding the corners // summer twenty-thirteen recap

Some things don't last forever, but some things do 
like a good song, or a good book or a good memory you can take out 
and unfold in your darkest of times, pressing out the corners and 
peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there. // unknown // 
 photo RorytheRoyalMayDay-17.jpg
may // 
 photo Collage.jpg
june // 
 photo TheSecretGarden-10.jpg
july // 
 photo onpeachesandjournals-14.jpg
 photo stilllife-8.jpg
 photo thecolony-41.jpg
 photo Swingdancingcollage.jpg
 photo SwingDanceCreston2013-8.jpg
august // 
 photo sparklers-7.jpg
 photo sparklers-12.jpg
 photo missm.jpg
 photo LaJollaCove.jpg
 photo fire-8.jpg
 photo SanJuan-31.jpg
 photo SanJuan-34.jpg
and maybe T I M E
etches us into what we A R E
instead of M O L D I N G
us into what we 
want TO BE.

farewell summer. xx


  1. oh, darlin'. this is so incredibly beautiful, i'm speechless. (and that last paragraph? written by you, i assume, due to the little g.s. at the end. ;) it's just perfect. i thought it was from a book.) i cannot believe that summer is over already. i miss it, but i'm still cherishing the memories and experiences i gleaned from it. i guess it's good we move on from season to season, although our hearts still cling to the past. change is a part of life, and the changing of seasons is included in that. :)

    anyway, my, i'm rambling. but this is simply lovely, dear. let's chat soon, m'kay?

    love you bunches! xx

  2. beautiful pictures!! it seems like it was a great summer :)) and i lovee the last quote. xoxo

  3. The quote at the top is actually by Sarah Dessen, and its one of my favorites

  4. Your pictures are amazing! :D
    This reminds me that I should be writing one of these posts soon instead of procrastinating...oopsie.

    Love yourself,

  5. Mhhhhehehehe you make me happy beautiful you and your beautiful words.

  6. love the pictures and your words, girl! i am saddened summer is almost over. how can this be? :(

  7. just stumbled upon your blog.
    one of my new favorites!


  8. Oh Grace. These pictures make my heart ache. And those beautiful words of yours- so, so perfect. They are sheer brilliance. I'm going to write them on my hands and fingers and everywhere so I can memorize them.

    I love you so much, dear friend. You are so wonderful and it is so visible in all that you do.

  9. Oh, very nice Grace.
    It makes me so sad to think summer is coming to a close but fall is on its way!!

    Enjoyed looking at your blog and your pictures are beautiful dear!


  10. oooh summer... how enchanting it is. and how I will miss it so.
    looks like you had a wonderful summer! I cannot believe how fast it went!
    but for realzzz your pictures are beautiful like always!

    -your fellow sherlockian(waiting not so patiently for season 3;)

  11. What a wonderful recap, Grace! What a fun summer you had!