Mar 12, 2012

a whiff of summer // apostrophe to lavender.

there are certain scents that - even one simple whiff of them - evoke powerful memories and captivating reveries. my scent is: lavender.  

potent and spicy, with a hint of sweetness. but 'tis not only the distinct scent with which awakens my summertime dreams, but the lovely purple beauty - the beauty with which can brighten any grey, and accentuate any pinkness. the little bud of summertime which enraptures the pureness of a twilight evening.   

"God gave His children memory that, in life's garden, there might be june roses in december..."

what scent transports you

je taime, 
the girl in the garden dreaming of a lavender field. 


  1. I have many favorite smells... but one I will always love is my mom's perfume. Don't laugh. It just reminds me of being safe, loved and all sorts of wonderful things :)

  2. I know this will sound kind of silly but my mom got this bubble bath called Vanilla Bean and some of you might know what vanilla smells like,but this was supreme vanilla. It was just sweet and vanilla-y and mom won't let me use it:)I also love the smell of my grandmothers house near the beach.

  3. Oh I love the last Photo!
    How lovely.

  4. The smell of bread, m'dear. It reminds me so much of my Nana and Mama... home.

    I love you!

  5. Your blog is simply delightful -I'm so glad I stumbled across it!! And this post is truly lovely! You are right, there is nothing quite as lovely as lavendar :)
    ♥ Daisy ♥

  6. lavender is beautiful! : ) I have lots of favourite smells, though potato + egg, plus pourri would be one of my top favourites.......: )

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

  7. Lavendar is me too..... beautiful, refreashing, and I get to walk in it everyday.

  8. My favorite scent is either an old book, or the ocean. I know old books make most people sneeze, but I love the smell of them, it comforts me. Maybe because my favorite pasttime is reading & writing. Lovely post Grace!

  9. Lavender, old books, fresh pastry, salmon...these are a few of my favourite smells :) I could swear your lovely blog was on my blogroll, but apparently not - adding a link to it now!

  10. okay, i think this was one of my favorite posts ever! the pictures are stunning and it goes along with your words sooo well. a blessing to me today.
    p.s. thank YOU for your sweet note. it brightend up my day!

  11. Your blog is absolutely wonderful in every way! I love your pictures and your posts - simply lovely. My favorite scents are of old books, as I love to read; baking bread, for it makes me smile; the ocean, which calms and soothes me. Lavender is lovely as well!

  12. I absolutely agree - and Lavender especially brings back childhood memories for me...- it's amazing how a sound or a scent can make you nostaligic...

  13. The salty sea air, old books, rosemary, lavender, warm teas, coffee, & CHOCOLATE!!!