Mar 10, 2012

reflection // why I write.

my pen lures me to the wooden desk. a blank sheet -- a bare canvas -- beckons me. my pensive mood must be satisfied, and I sit, writing desk before me, but frustration threatens to sweep.
 writepen your heart's musings. let the words flow in cursive or typed script. just write. 
on many occasions, my old fashioned heart pines to write in eloquent speech, yet my hopeless mind cannot grasp the perfect word. my vocabulary meets its boundaries and so often times I feel inadequacy. my hopes are disheartened. I fall into a state of ennui. I covet dear friends who seems to present their thoughts with such fluency, such passion, and look upon my own with disdain. frustration overwhelms me.    
yet, then I realize I have lost focus on what writing truly reads to me. 

each artist must find their skill in any art. whether be painting, sketching, water-colouring, photographing, or  crafting --- every  artist  must  place  their  individual  mark  upon   their   work. even writers.    
"An idea, like a ghost ... must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself."
>>------> Charles Dickens

a writer's voice is penned through the words they use. they are the writer's tools, yet the heart is the source with which the voice is developed. a skill one must nurture and discover as time progresses...

yet, now we come to the question of "why do I write?" why do I invest so much of my time and passion into stringing words together to form sentences? why do I sit and endure the frustration that often times overcomes me to scribble a mere happen-stance or story? 

memories. like that of a photographer, my heart longs to capture memories that slip away so easily form my mind. stringing together beautiful sentences into a necklace of pearls, turning the drabbest of details into a pieces of art. capturing the emotion and charm of a thrilling moment in time. nurturing my ethereal dreams and creating something tangible that I might look upon and never forget. 

words are not merely words, but time capsules to which enrapture the moment. and unlike memories will never grow dim.      

the girl writing in the garden. 
to be continued? 
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  1. "dear friends who seems to present their thoughts with such fluency, such passion" --> this describes you, grace! seriously, your eloquent writing never fails to amaze me. keep up the awesomeness, okay? :)

    1. aw, thank you so much!!! your sweet. ;) *hugs*

  2. Wow! How beautiful Grace! Thank you so much! I needed to read this right now, for I have been wondering why I bother to write sometimes. As I know I have said before, you are such an encouragement to me!

  3. The photos and post where lovely.<3 Anna-Faith

  4. Lovely, well-put words. What inadequacy are you referring to? :)

  5. All I can say is: beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Oh, how I yearn to develop a writing style as great as yours someday. (:

    post script: you definitely should become a writer.

  6. your words never fail to inspire me, I literally just hand wrote a few pages on why I write. Its interesting how we writers seem to be connected. I too have an inadequacy feeling that washes over me when I cant find the right words that are brimming in my heart but my head wont get the world right, usually I give up in frustration. I understand your pain. But I really cant see you at a loss for words your posts are always so well said, I usually visit your blog first to inspire me for my own posts.
    lovely lovely post really.
    keep your chin up
    Rachel Hope

  7. Mmm...this is so very true but we often forget it. Thank you for sharing this with us, m'dear!


  8. Mmhmm... I know how hard it is to simply write with a "style" and "sophisticated" air. My trouble for the last year has been writing with enormous words just to be impressive. You should write only from the heart because people will see the truth, and the truth is the most powerful thing to write with. Small, describing, and forceful words can leave more imprint on a person than huge words can, because big words were formed to mean one thing; Small words can be mixed and arranged to mean the same thing but with a sharp and distinct delivery.

    That's my rule of writing!
    Love you,

    1. Thank you for the advice, dearheart! I think my trouble is, I long so much to write with an old-fashion flair and know my capability in doing so, but don't take enough time to nurture it to its fullest potential. :P ...if that made sense.

      your goosey girl.

  9. Perfect . As. Usual.
    You never fail to encourage me to step back and enjoy the little things in life.. The old fashion things that get lost in our world of iPhone's, Mac 's, and iPads.

  10. Hmm...writing certainly is difficult at times. And I certainly envy some of the great classic writers. *cough Jane Austen cough*
    But I think there is a joy in writing if you can find it -- and that that joy can possibly make even writing articles and essays fun. :) Maybe it's an old-fashioned flair.

  11. Grace your writing style simply put is beautiful. You're extremely talented. I completely agree with some of the other comments and encourage you to write a book. Your fluency is impecable. I so enjoy your blog it brightens up my day. Stop and visit me sometime whrn you get a chance. :)

  12. Well written!
    I feel that way often.
    Especially when I read such talented work by
    C.S.Lewis,Louisa May Alcott, and others.
    I think you are a great writer,from e=what I've read of your posts.
    Don't stop writing!

  13. Grace,
    I know exactly what you mean. I, too, often feel discouraged and frustrated when trying to write something "just right". But we mustn't give up, Dearest. Practice makes perfect. If more of us would follow that old adage, then creating would be much easier. And also remember that while you might not be completely satisfied with your creations, they just might be touching another in a special way. You might be their constant source of inspiration... I know you are mine :)

    Love you,