Mar 26, 2012

// my happy spot //

as I type this, nostalgia washes over me, and so many fond memories buried within my childhood are revived anew. I have not been there in over three years time, yet if I close my eyes hard enough, the image imprinted within my mind vividly swims before me...

past deserts and towering snow-capped peaks, there lies a valley filled with both light and shadow, granite domes and silky meadows - opposites amalgamated in perfect harmony to create a secluded retreat of awe-inspiring nature. now within this valley of light and shadow, below a canopy of the velvety tips of wispy pines an alcove lies between granite walls streaked with tears and worn with age, once untouched by human eyes...

the mid-august heat crept up my back as I pedaled down the dusty lane. dried pine needles crunched under my bicycle's wheel - the scent filling my nostrils. my legs grew heavy pedaling up the slope, ah! but then a sound my heart longed for tickled my ears. in the distance it was but a whisper, a murmur of something that reminded me of mist - muffled, airy, ethereal. yet, when I approached closer, it thundered. I veered onto a trail that grew narrower into a clump of trees - the path only a strand of thread weaving in and out of the greenery, twice over wooden bridges, and finally it stopped. my happy spot. relief washes over me, as I see the river coming fully into view, chattering over a bed of rainbow. the pebbles, flecked with granite, sparkling in the afternoon sun, and I eagerly dipped into the crystal waters. the stream's current rushes beneath me - the foam glittering like delicate lace. my heart beats to the rhythm of the water's thundering, and excitement trills within me when I see a little pool under a canopy of silvery beech trees. the warmth of the granite boulder is much welcomed from the crisp dip in the icy waters, and I sun my hair in the afternoon sunshine, spilling through the branches. gingerly, I touch the quiet pool, staring into its violet depths.           

I am surrounded by the bird's melodious chirping, the sparkle of the midnight waters, and the bluest of skies above. granite walls enrapture me, and the moss-covered trees of old bend down to whisper their secrets. I have stepped into a sanctuary of both light and shadow, rock and water - I have stepped into my happy place forever locked into my heart. 

what is your happy place? 

the keeper of the garden.
[photographs via pinterest] 



  1. this is beautiful, grace! I have two happy places - one is at the beach and one is by a creek in some pretty snowy woods. one for summer and one for winter :)

  2. My happy place is the hills of Virginia. The cool breeze blowing on my face, and the birds chirping. The only noises are the cows, birds, and the boys playing in the woods. Friends to laugh with. stories to tell. walks to take.
    memories to make. <3

  3. Well, I have always wanted me very own quiet place, but have never had one ;)

    Beautiful post :)

  4. Grace you have such a lovely way of expressing yourself. It's enchanting. Beautiful photos. My happy place it's probably when hubby and I go camping up on the rim in AZ with our black lab.

  5. Your happy place sounds lovely, dear! My happy place is outside behind my house in an unfinished tree house. It is so quiet and peaceful. I can just sit there and be. I love it.


  6. Aww Grace! This is so sweet! I love your choice of words and how everything just flows together so perfectly.

    My "happy spot" would be on top of my desk (for every day, ya know?) and for special occasions, on top of the roof of our shed. Not quite as romantic as yours and probably doesn't bring the same effect but it's where my senses calm.


  7. Lovely post, Deary! My "happy place" is by the ocean...soooo calming!


  8. Your words draw me in. How long did it take you to write this? I am nothing short of amazed. I love your writing, Grace!
    My happy place is Lake Martin. I can't wait until the warm summer days so my family and I can take our pontoon boat out there! :)
    Thank you for your comment on my book post last was a delightful surprise for someone as sweet as you to leave me some love words on my blog! Oh yes, libraries are the best. That's another one of my many happy places! Also, my home. It's a haven. :)


  9. Beautiful girl! Beautiful words.