Mar 16, 2012

to the Grace who often forgets

{all "collected" from pinterest} 
the girl in the garden. 
postscript ~ just a quick prayer request. things have been changing a bit, I suppose you could say, and I need to let go. let go of things from the past and view the future joyfully. perhaps, I can put it to words someday. :)   


  1. Dearest Grace, I'm praying for you, too! I would love to know WHAT in particular I can pray for, though. :)
    BEAUTIFUL pins. They're some of my favourites.

  2. Thanks Grace for another wonderful post.
    I know it is nessasary to let go But, I also know the pain of letting go. I'll be praying for you.
    (A fan of your blog)

  3. Grace,

    I will be praying for you. I know sometimes things change in different seasons of our lives and it is so hard to let go. I have always been a bit frightened by the future, but now that I think about all the new and exciting things I will be able to learn and do, it doesn't seem as frightening. Everything happens in God's timing--which is perfect timing.
    May the Lord wrap His arms around you!


  4. I"ll pray for you,for I tend to do that to.
    Have a blessed week in the Lord!

  5. these are lovely, I'll be praying for you, dear, I know how you feel, I had to let go of a lot recently, but God is ever faithful!

  6. Very sweet pictures Grace! I'll be praying for you!

  7. Thanks for sharing these quotes! All of them are so true.... but I especially love the one about crying because you've been strong for too long. It is absolutely true! That was me two weeks ago. Sometimes we just need a break from being the strong one; we need someone to lean on. And I'll be praying! I know from personal experience that change can be, depending on what change it is, very painful. As good as it can be for us sometimes, just as the second quote says, it can hurt very much. I'm praying!

  8. Dear Grace,
    Please know that I am praying for you! Even if you choose not to go into detail with your request {which I greatly respect, I've been there too!} the Lord knows just what you are going through and if we pray that He would grant you peace and a freeing mind then He knows just how to accomplish that to fit your personal needs. Thanks so much for sharing, you are in my prayers!

  9. Lovely post my dear. Lovely quotes. My favorites are the first and the third. :^)

  10. Thank you, girls, for your prayers. Nothing dramatic in my life is happening at the moment, but it's a very big comfort to know all of you are there. ;)

    love you all!!!
    Grace {author}

  11. I will be praying for you, m'dear! I hope everything works out well!


  12. praying for you, grace! this is a lovely collection of images :)

  13. Nice collection of Pinterest picture quotes! Thanks for sharing! And I'll pray for you! :)

  14. Dearest Grace,
    I will surely be praying our Lord will give you peace, wisdom, and understanding. I know entirely how you feel and have also been having a hard time lately. Please pray for me as well. Love you bunches!!!

    ~Camille :)

  15. Oh girl, I happen, for some odd reason, maybe it's a gift, but I'm really good with change! If I can help in any way, please let me know, praying.....