Feb 8, 2010

Recent Updates

Yesterday Mother and I helped host a baby shower for a friend at my house. Here are a few pictures of the cake that was made by a friend's aunt who works at the Culinary Arts in town. Carrot cake with rich frosting. Yum!

These are a few pictures from my room. This is my hopechest where I am keeping special things for when I am married.

I told you in a past post that I had made a makeshift apothecary in my room. Here are some pictures:
Some of the herbs are store bought, but most are organically home grown. I love tending my herb garden. In the summer, when my garden is pruned, I will post some pictures, but for now it will still be a dormant mound of dirt. I like to ask people if they can guess what each herb is by its scent.It is fun to watch people's expressions when they sniff an odd herb.
Poetry Corner:
Paul Laurence Dunbar
An angel, robed in
spotless white,
Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.
Night woke to blush;
the sprite was gone.
Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.

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  1. Grace,
    I would LOVE some company planting my spring garden, if you are interested (the second week of April). I'd also like to plant some more aromatic herbs (currently I only have culinary herbs), any suggestions?