Feb 22, 2010

The King's Daughter Part III

Hello Readers! Here is the ending to the story that you all have been anticipating:

The King's throne room was huge with crimson, velvet carpeting and curtains. Intricate embroidered tapestries hung on the walls, and the marble that made up the floor had gold veins stretching through the slabs. A large golden throne was the centerpiece of the room while smaller silver chairs were lined along the red carpet. The King sat on his throne, and his royal advisers sat in the silver chairs. The people in front of Lilian stood impatiently in line to hold an audience with the King. As Lillian waited patiently, she noticed a lonely, unoccupied throne that was studded with jewels next to the King's. She asked the man in front of her about this, and he replied, "oh, that is the former Queen's place. She died a long time ago. The King probably does not have the heart to remove it."
Lillian became uneasy; it was her turn next. Although she was nervous, Lillian stood confidently in front of the King. With a firm tone, she said, "Your Majesty, I am ashamed to say that I do not have an offering of fruit or chicken for your table, but alas, I come empty handed. I have overheard earlier this day, that the man with whom I have been living with was not my father as he claimed to be, and that he might have helped plan the kidnapping of your daughter!" The advisers gasped and one said, "It cannot be, Your Majesty. With all do respect, this girl is obviously a liar!"
"Begging your pardon, but I am not lying. What I say is the truth!" she defended.
The King stood saying, "If you are telling the truth, lead me, child, to where this man who has concealed the truth to you, rests his head to-night."
That night a small girl led a whole band of troops to the tiny apartment where Raphael slept.
"This is the place, I presume," the King whispered in her ear. Lillian nodded.
"Perhaps, it would be prudent if you return to the palace." Lillian, although disappointed, did as she was told.
"Open the door in the name of the King!" cried one of the soldiers. The racket awakened Raphael and Tibias. Tibias looked at his master and ringed his hands nervously. "We are trapped!" Tibias exclaimed, and before Raphael could reply soldiers stormed into the room, surrounded them, and pinned their hands behind their backs. The King strutted over to the captives. He looked surprised when he saw his brother.
"What right do you have to treat me this way?" Raphael glanced at his brother furiously. "I am a prince, and a prince should not be treated in such a way. I deserve the throne not my brother; he is not fit to rule!" he screamed.
"Raphael, who is the King's brother, has two charges against you," an adviser announced.
"I knew I would catch you someday! Now where is my daughter? Has any harm come to her?" The King demanded.
"No, she is well," Tibias said.
"Don't you dare say anything, Tibias!" Raphael's eyes were bloodshot and red.
"She's working at the palace as a maid, not knowing that she is a princess," Tibias confessed. "Her name is Lillian!"
The King asked further questions, but Raphael remained silent.
"Very well. Take them away. We shall settle their sentences later."
The very next day, while Lillian was washing some dishes in the kitchen, Madam scurried in excitedly. "My dear, my dear!" she cried sweetly. "We must have you dressed."
Amy came in hearing the excitement. "What is wrong?" she asked Lillian. Lillian shrugged.
"I cannot tell you, Your Majesty, but I must ask you to accept my apology for mistreating you," Madam said.
Lillian was taken aback by the statement. "Your Majesty?" she and Amy said in unison.
"You need to meet with the King immediately. It is of utmost importance," Madam smiled mysteriously. "Haven't you have anything other than your uniform?"
Lillian shook her head.
"I have a dress that you can borrow," Amy volunteered.
"That will not be necessary," a voice behind them said. It was the Housekeeper who was next in command to the Queen. Beside her were two well-dressed maidens.
"Come with me for your bath," she gestured. Lillian felt like she was dreaming. Was it not but an hour ago that she was a scullery maid that was not paid much mind to? The Housekeeper lead Lillian to a room where a steaming hot bath was being drawn. After her bath, Lillian was dressed in a gown of satin and brocade and given some warm tea and delicious scones.
"Follow me," the Housekeeper ordered. The two hurried through the long corridors towards the throne room. Lillian caught her breath, and walked in.
All eyes were on her, making her feel a little uneasy. She glanced over where Raphael sat, and he stared back with penetrating eyes. Lillian shivered. "Never again shall I ever call you father," Lillian whispered to herself.
"Lillian, your real name is Princess Jeanne daughter of the King, next in line of the throne," the King's voice boomed. Jeanne gasped and clasped her hands over her mouth in disbelief.
"Come forth to be crowned."
Jeanne gulped and kneeled before the bishop and was crowned Princess.
People shouted and cheered, and the Princess waved as the coach slowly made its way through the crowded streets. The King placed an affectionate arm around his daughter; tears were in his eyes. She could see the palace gates ahead. She knew that going through those gates, she would not be a scullery maid as she had once been, but a Princess; the King's Daughter.
And they all lived happily ever after
The End


  1. What a delightful fairy tale! You are a wonderful story teller Grace. Thank you for sharing that.
    P.S. I enjoyed the latest pictures you posted. It looks like you have the makings of some lovely cards...especially with your creativity. Have fun with that!