Feb 6, 2010

Easy Lavender Linen Spray Recipe

This is a really easy recipe. I use this refreshing spray as a linen spray, perfume, room air freshener, and as an energy booster when I am feeling low. In the summer, you can put this in the refrigerator for a cooling face toner. You can also mix other esential oils depending on your taste.

All you need are:
Witch Hazel
Lavender oil (or other esential oils)
Spray bottle
Combine ingredients into spray bottle, shake, and enjoy. Soon your room will smell amazing. I use a spritz on my towel before I take a shower, and I spray this on my sheets before I go to bed. I have also subsituted lavender oil with cinnamon oil for a holiday scent and with rose water for a face toner. Great for gifts too. Hope you enjoy!
Lavender quotes:
Lavender is almost wholly spent with us, for perfume linen, apparel, gloves and leather and the dryed flowers to comfort and dry up the moisture of a cold braine. -John Parkinson
A reminder of you first herbal lesson. It speaks to you of devotion and virtue-two things you will always need if you are to become a true noblewoman. It will cheer you on a gray day, with its purple color, and its aroma will add beauty to the room where you sleep. -From Dr. Oma by Ethel Herr

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