Sep 25, 2013

oh, hodpodge // vol. iii

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+ I am a despicable human being. {you heard that in Tangle's Rapunzel's voice, right?!}. the end. now before you say, "awww, naw, grace. you're wonderful," let me tell you - I like living in civilization. the woods & mountains are grand for a time {stunning, really}, but there's only so much tree-looking you can do in sequoia national park. after awhile, they all start looking the same: really tall, really old, and really big. anyways, i drove my parent's a bit batty up there with my ceaseless chatting in a confined space for a week. *grins* so, now you may label me as being despicable. 
+ for some reason, I like the sound of "chagrin." no telling why.
+ why on earth have I begun to say "oh, my gravy," out of the blue?! it's...devastating. 
+ I have a thing for catch phrases, okay? what's yours?
+ i knew snail mail's pretty incredible, but gosh. i'm so in love. especially after lettering katie jo and being on insta, my letter writing has been revamped and I'm hoping to ask a few more girls to be penpals. ;) even though i'm a procrastinator. why must I procrastinate?!
+ i'm going to yosemite {well, actually i'm in yosemite right now since this is a scheduled post}. after five years, i'm kind of just a little bit excited.
+ i keep forgetting it's autumn in this HUNDRED DEGREE WEATHER!!!
+ i like knitting a whole lot more than sewing. knitting doesn't give me as much trouble as having a row with my sewing machine.
+ i've run out of british telly. i'm doomed.
+ these posts are way too fun to write.
+ this song is stuck in my head, not that i'm complaining, but when i sing it, i don't remember all the words - one of my pet peeves.
+ i kind of have a thing for sparkly eye shadow {yay, me!}. 
+ i might be getting an iphone. *happy dances for becoming more unsocial than i already am* :D
+ i keep wondering why i haven't met more blogging friends because it seems like everyone comes and visits Cali in the summertime. I LIVE SMACK BETWEEN LOS ANGLES AND SAN FRANCISCO, PEOPLE!!! if that doesn't say "vacation destination," i don't know what does.
+ #hashtagsaremyfriend 
+ twenties music makes me happy. so does swing dancing. obviously.
+ nutella is the best - and then you can nut yourself out after awhile. it's grand in coffee ya know. 
+ bastille is the best, okay. the best way i can describe it is like mumford and sons, owl city, and one republic all met up one day in a hipster coffee shop by mere coincidence and all thought, "hey, why don't we make it work?" and thus bastille was born. and that band would probably hate me if i said that to their face. you obviously don't have to comment on anything that i just said above.  
+ kind of weird that I can officially sing "you are sixteen going on seventeen" since my birthday is precisely one month from to-day. 
+ one word : FIRE. you are so lucky you don't know the meaning of it, and to the ones who DO KNOW {like me who's stuck smack in the middle of this soap-opera of a drama}, my utmost condolences and apologies. :P 

one last thing: you're the best. and dontcha forget that. 
p.s. is it just me or do i sound like a ditzy blond  in this post [no offense to blondes; i surround myself with blonds since almost all of my closest friends are blond - oh, gosh, I'm making a muddle out of this run on of a sentence apology. and so i'll stop talking]? have a gorgeous day, lovey! 


  1. I just love this. And yes, I did hear that quote in Rapunzel's voice. *smile*

  2. ugh, seriously, is it possible for somebody to be so darn cute through a keyboard and computer screen?? well, if it is- you are defiantly cute. actually, you are adorable. and no, you aren't despicable. my family visited the Redwoods this summer and we were there for half of a day and I was pretty much done. Yes, it was glorious and majestic, but I believe the ocean is a much better source of entertainment. and yay for sparkly eye shadow, that's been pretty much all I've been wearing all summer long. :P And NUTELLA! It's basically the reason bread was invented. and I've been listening to so many oldies songs lately as well. I love them.
    basically, this post is full of happy's and I like it a lot. :)

  3. haha, i enjoyed this post :) i'm running out of british television too. Help?!
    yikes, hundred degree weather sounds awful! I=it's just making it to the 70's here. i kind of wish it was a little warmer, since i really wasn't quite ready for the transition between seasons to be 24 hours instead of a couple weeks, so maybe we can find a happy medium between our two temperatures :P
    nutella in coffee. why have i not thought of that before. ohmygoodness.
    and i'm going to check out this bastille band right now.
    and i would love to be penpals, just sayin' :D

  4. Oh your photography is so beautiful! And I just love your posts. Besides, oh my gravy is not as bad as bologna sandwich. There's one more person who likes Nutella...I really need to try it. Oh, and hope you're having a great time in yosemite! *i absolutely love your blog*
    love, madi

  5. These photos are so very pretty...I love the second one. I must be pretty despicable too, because I can totally sympathize with you about trees and forests. If I'm going to hike, I like to have interesting terrain so I have something new to look at every few minutes. Snail mail is amazing...I miss writing actual letters. :P I haven't written a letter in so long! Ooh, and 20s music is the best. It just makes me want to dance. Haha, if you ever need ideas for British shows to watch, I'm your gal! I've recently gotten myself hooked on BBC's Marple...and then of course, there's the new season of Foyle's War I keep needing to watch... :)

    decked out in ruffles

  6. girl, I have a smile on my face the size of Texas. Love you! xx.

  7. Yay for snail mail and old music - we need to help them make a come-back!! :D

  8. Hurrah for ditzy blondes! I'm a dark blond and if I sound ANYTHING like you, then I am automatically adorable. You are just so cute, doll. I can't WAIT to hear about your time in Yosemite and more about fire and I just hope you have a LOVELY time.
    I love you <3

  9. your are so funny and beautiful and relate-able and I JUST REALLY LOVE YOU.

  10. Love this post! I'm with you; I see so many beautiful photos of outdoor scenery on my instagram feed and I admire it but I'm a city pigeon at heart. But then I feel a bit despicable myself for not having enough of that "outdoor adventure" spark in me. I'll be coffee shop hopping till the day I die!

    And I've never tried Nutella in my coffee before.