Sep 11, 2013

2:00 A.M. tea // a photo essay

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funny how those little moments - those smallest of things seem to take the most room in your heart. like those nights by the fire were probably my favorites {wonder why?}, and I kind of wonder how much fun we really would have had without that 4:00 AM chat when everything {scarily enough} seemed to spill out on the cold wood table {do you even remember half of what I said? i'm afraid you probably remember the other half I can't recall}. i can't remember the last time it felt so good to be honest. vulnerable {really vulnerable} but really truly honest. like, past the point of no return honest. but i knew you wouldn't judge - or, i nearly bit my lip off after stammering something i never thought in a million years i'd have the courage to say. and i think, that's what glues friendships. those chats early in the morning, when we could see the silhouettes cast by the dawning sun that you somehow forget because of your drooping eyelids and near exhaustion but not really.
now, i'm back to the beginning again. you're living your life, and i'm living mine - or struggling to at least. it took me a week and a half to stop crying when I woke up with a start in the middle of the night knowing you weren't here - or I wasn't there or that we weren't together. that empty distance has filled its void with miles and miles of that bleak road, but in my heart i know there's a few more memories tucked in there that weren't there before. two AM teas consisting of fandom cuppas brewed with giggles, squeals, and loads of doctor who included.

xx the girl who waited for that 4 AM chat and the 2 AM tea
postscript // will be gone for a few weeks, darling with many adventures to share. love ya all too much than words can say. 


  1. beautiful post! you'll be missed :)

  2. This is perfect in every way. The tea, the mugs, the nails...everything. I am so incredibly jealous right now.


  3. I started watching Doctor Who... And now I'm addicted :) But it's a wonderful addiction :) I'm on season 5 now. David Tennant is still my favorite Doctor though :)

  4. Oh Grace, I'm crying for you. This is the sweetest thing you've ever, ever written and I just really want to go curl up with something and cry. If I could, I'd buy you a plane ticket and an apartment so you could go live near Johanna forever. And I'd make sure you had plenty of tea and crafts and no worries and a song in your heart forever. But since I can't, I send all my love.

    I love you so much.
    (squeezes n'squishums)

    1. Gabby girl, you're the sweetest. Instead of moving here yourself, you'd give me a flat down in LA just so I could be with Miss J - just because you know that would make me happy. Girl, I don't deserve you. 'Nuf said. I don't. You're the best in the world, ya know that? In all honesty, as much fun as I have with that girl, I don't think LA is for me. Too much drama down there {might get burnt, ya know? ;)}, and you might be attending a funeral sooner than you'd like what with all the teasing. :P

      Love you like crazy. And someday we're going to buy that cabin in the mountains, m'kay? xx | goosey

  5. Ah, these moments are the best. How adorable all your pictures are. I'm so thankful for friends like that. Me and one of best pals ate ramen noodles at 3am in the morning and talked about so many things that were close my heart. She just recently moved away, and it makes me quite sad. Goodbyes are hard.

  6. aww hang in there lovely. i know it can be hard to have things back to normal once they've been simply wonderful. thank you for being so raw and open. i know it's definitely not easy. love ya sweet friend. <3

  7. 1. all of the british television references in this post make me so happy.
    2. this is beautifully written. it's hard to miss somebody. i'm praying for you, hope that you find your strength. keep writing your heart out because i love reading your words.


  9. love this post. british + sweet + thought-provoking.

    i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award here:

  10. Yes, little moments are usually the most important and memorable, you're right!