May 29, 2013

we are stories in the end vol. i.

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i pinned up a piece of yarn my friend gave me for valentine's day a few years ago over my bed and put clothespins to pin bits and pieces of life to inspire me when I walked by.

there are five handkerchiefs which dangle from the line one of which was found during the only antiquing adventure I have ever had with my aunt and another as a surprise gift from a bestie's trip in Washington; a photo strip from last summer that stirs excitement for the end of this summer, hand-painted calendar cards, an old 1936 packet of forget-me-nots, and three postcards: the only still of my great-grandmother and another from a early 1900's german relative, and and stamped fabric pieces that remind me there is a faraway soul who I am incredibly blessed to call a friend - each little thing, perhaps insignificant to any other person but me, are reminders of something or some soul in the great wide somewhere; what I am now, and where I am to go. perhaps, it is odd how one simple little string can be my life.

there are tiny things that people subconsciously do that speak volumes to those around them, strings of their life lived from every corner of the world in the little things that can be spun into the most fascinating of stories. stories that I am dying to hear one day.


the girl in her garden

postscript : disclaimer. inspired by the "things that say a lot about people" tag that's been floating about + this post by this darling
p.s.s. feel free to share on your blog! I'd love to hear your story + get to know you better. after all this is a blogging community. the best place for telling stories. 


  1. ahh. the loveliness in this is just perfect. your bit of string is so inspiring, and I totally agree about the promptness. I despise being late, unfortunately my family isn't as prompt at all times and yeah. it's horrible. :P this is darling, girlie! xx. marcia

  2. Your artsy eyes and abilities never cease to amaze me, love. And your photos are so creamy, soft, and subtle... your editing is to die for.

    I miss you so much and hope we can chat soon!!! Pretty please with sugar on top?
    I love you.

  3. SO beautiful. Why must you be so wonderful?


  4. lovely, what a beautiful thing you've created. you always have such an eye for inspiring things. :)

  5. Oh Grace, this is lovely! It's so reflective of your personality. :) I think I may try this, if I can find space on my walls that is not covered with artwork (perks of being an artist :P) because it seems rather inspirational. :)


  6. These pictures deserve to be on Pintrest for sure.
    I loved getting to know you a little better. So fun!

  7. this is truly beautiful, and it was wonderful getting to know you a bit more. :) thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! xx. amy jane

  8. these are so beautiful! i'm so happy to have received your comment and thus discovering your blog. :) you are a magnificent creature. :)