Feb 14, 2012

spread the love // heart to heart. {a letter exchange}

happy valentine's day, to my darling friends! I hope all of you had a lovely day, even if you did not have anyone special to spend it with. *wink* honestly, 'tis a comfort to me that God has plans for my life, and hope that when I am of age to court or date, I shall still be as confident that He will direct my paths in this life. His ways are always best, although the concept seems very hard to grasp at times. 
for now, I know that I am much too young to "entangle" myself in a "relationship" with a young suitor, as such at my age are most often times temporary or premature. although, on valentine's especially, there is always something about receiving a little note from a certain little somebody that makes one's heart flutter with tingling excitement. just to know someone care's, someone notices you is endearing. for someone to take the time to send a little something to let you know that they are thinking about you. 
if this is the case, can we not name all letters and notes we receive love letters? I have a wooden box brimming with letters I have received from dearhearts all across the country {even around the world}, and every time I pick up and glance at the familiar, they are all dear as such sweet warmth and love is enclosed within all of them. can I not call it a love letter?      

I have connected with so many young ladies through blogger who now I am honored to now call my dearest of sisters. although this is a place for me to type my heart and share creativity to the world, one of my main  goals since the birth of this garden walk was to connect other young ladies in a safe environment. to connect a heart in Texas to a heart with the same dreams, struggles, and aspirations a heart in Washington shares. 

so with such thoughts in mind, I would like to present to you the concept of a letter exchange hosted here in my garden. now, I have not had time to make this very elaborate {and unfortunately, I should have presented the idea weeks before}, but I do so hope that you shall be able participate.  

>>-------------> here's how it works...

 enter your name and your blog address in the linky tool at the bottom of this post and leave your e-mailing address in a note on this post. {note :: if you prefer not to have your e-mail address published, please leave me a separate comment.} 
at the end of the week, I shall randomly draw two girls names and will send their contact information to you. 

suggestions on what to include in your letter...
write a little description about yourself. your life. your blog. your interests//hobbies etc. 
ask questions. 
include suggestions on book titles and magazines. 
add recipes.
make a valentine's card. 
add mini letters with verses written on them. 
include a little "extra" something to brighten their day. 

the requirements are simple. 

|one| because a fourteen year old young lady usually has little in common with a twenty year old, for this specific letter exchange I am limiting the age groups to being 14 ~ 19 years of age. 
|two| if you are a young lady 16 years of age or under you must have your parents permission to participate. 
|three| when participating, you are making a commitment that you will send a letter to your assigned penning friend by the end of the month. the deadline for sending your note is the first week of march. 
| four | there will be only 10 slots available. once 10 girls fill the linky below, the linky tool shall be closed. 
| five |  participating in this letter exchange, you will have to give your personal mailing address with another young lady. 

this letter exchange is designed to connect other like-minded young ladies with each other, and in all honesty just to encourage them with a little note. perhaps, the acquaintanceship will only last one letter, but the encouragement and thoughtfulness enclosed within the parchment page, shall be cherished forever.

sealed with love,
the keeper of the garden.


  1. This is SUCH a great idea, dearie! I'd love to do it myself, but I'm afraid I have 3 girls I write regularly (let's not mention the ones I hear from every now and then)and really can't take anymore! But it's such a great idea for other young women to connect.


    1. I completely understand, deary! That's why I myself am not participating, but just setting it up. ;) I still have letters that have not been attended to in months. :P *sigh*

      Love ya,
      your goosey girl.

  2. What a lovely idea Miss Grace... the sweet words of a sister in Christ written on a page *just* for you is always so delgihtful and comforting... to know that their is another like minded kindred spirit... what bliss!

    My email is...


  3. Hi Grace! I would love to join this letter exchange. It's always a blessing getting to know other like-minded girls in other parts of the country. :)

    I'll give you my blog email so I don't have to give out my main email address. :) inhannahsworld@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much for doing this!


  4. Wonderful idea! I will be turning 19 in just a few short weeks, so to keep things fair I won't participate. But I still wanted to comment and tell you what a lovely idea this is. Getting an encouraging note from a dear sister in Christ is so wonderful. <3

  5. Drat, I am 19! :P So don't qualify! :P But I have done swaps before. They are awesome!

  6. I may be older (21) but you Miss Grace I find very inspiring. I've enjoyed many of your posts, and have even decided to add a touch more to my own blog.

    Maybe eventually those who are just a tad older can participate in a swap. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Anya! Your words are such an encouragement. Yes, I do find that perhaps, if I ever have the opportunity to host another swap, I will divide it into different age groups so more can participate. ;)


  7. This is such a lovely idea, Grace! My e-mail address is knittingphotography (at) gmail (dot) com.

  8. I want to link up, but I am only of age 12 (yes, I am quite young still). Will you allow an exception?

    1. Hi, Nina! I am sorry, but I cannot allow an exception. Perhaps, next time I will be able to form different group categories if I ever host another letter exchange.


  9. Great idea, Grace! :)
    You can count me in! Meeting new people is a fun experience. ;)


    Have a blessed day!

  10. I am very excited to participate in this!

    My email is darby.lucas@yahoo.com.

    I'm a little bit confused. Are you going to get my mailing address through email, and then give it to the person I'm paired up with? Or what?

    I don't know, but I suppose I'll figure it out eventually.

    Thanks for doing this, Grace! It is truly a brilliant idea.

    ~Darby May~

  11. Wow! That's a great idea! I kinda missed out, since I didn't make it here until too late, and I'm 20. :/ Anyhow, perhaps you can do it again, and let us ancient ones in. :) JK.

    It really is a lovely idea!

  12. Hey,
    I'm number 8 on the list. And my email is elizabethnovak1@gmail.com
    Love this idea, thanks for hosting it. :)