Feb 11, 2012

little things and lovely thoughts.

it's those little things that are the most beautiful. 

in our busy life everyone seems to go about living life so caught up in their own little world, not even noting the beauty in the ordinary, savoring the little moments that make up the extraordinary. thus to-day, I would like to acknowledge those little things that should be cherished, the memories that shall be looked upon fondly. and although ordinary in everyday life, extraordinary forever in my heart.    

>> country walks. 
savoring the early spring wind, caressing your cheek. breathing in the crispness. giggling as it whispers secrets of beauty soon to come. 

>> dirt roads and green hills. 
I love the *crunch* of the old dirt road under my feet and drink in the sight of the rolling hills carpeted in green.

>> friends. 
seeing their smile lighting up their faces, never grows old. listening to their laughing, brings joy to my heart.  

>> journaling. 
hearing the pen scratch against paper. beautiful memories now tangible and forever recorded. jumbled feelings untangled at last.   

>>--- things i ♥ ---> 

// pretty dresses // 
// dapples of sunshine // 
// whimsiness // 
// tea cups and letters // 

// knitting projects // 
// antique books //  
// summertime // 
// the tingling feeling of cool crystal water // 
// a stream in the mountains // 

// a tent surrounded by rustling grass // 
// early morning sunrises // 
// bird's melodies that make one's heart sing // 
// the sound of the ocean's thunder // 
// pretty lil' things // 
// poems // 
// photographs that capture memories // 
// beautiful words // 
// fairy tales that come true // 
// swinging in the forest // 
// the *click* of the typewriter's keys // 
// black and white notes that turn into music // 
// meadows and wildflowers // 

what are some beautiful little things that you love? 

love always,
the keeper of the garden. 
[photos via pinterest] 


  1. oh, my, this was so refreshing! it feels like you took me through a walk in the country, along a beach, and through the woods, all in the course of five minutes. truly, you are an inspiration.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. yesterday i posted on my blog some of the things that i love. it's in portuguese, but i will translate: the love of my parents, i love my brother and my sister, i love riding my bike, i love the beatles, i love reading on the beach, i love winter sun, i love photography, i love typewriters, I love hot chocolate and i love to go on the swing. :)
    the simple things in life. that is what it makes her beautiful. :)

  3. This is so sweet Grace! It really is the little things that make up most of our happiness. Those little things we are so blessed with but can't see them because they're so "normal" and commonplace. Taking time to find them (and to take pictures them *smiles*) can be so challenging. But there they are, all over the place, just waiting to be discovered and acknowledged.

    Love you dear heart!

  4. i love all these things! every single one...how did you know me so well?(;


  5. Those are beautiful things.
    I enjoy drinking hot choclate by a fire,reading inspiring books,and taking pictures at dusk.

  6. You have such a way with words....thanks for sharing!
    i took a long walk in the woods last week, the weather was perfect and there was a slight breeze, all i heard was the birds singing...it was perfect. (it was also the golden hour. )
    i love everything you mentioned-but at the top of my list is: dear friends, lauging, ballet, music, the golden hour portraits, coffee by the fire, ...ah..

  7. Lovely post, dear! These are beautiful little things, indeed.