Feb 3, 2012

on crafting and inspiration // valentine's gifts.

one of the only passions I have kept during these past few years is the love for crafting. crafting is one of the only outlets to release my creativity. indeed, I love to write and play the music, but these are but mere pastimes whereas crafting is something to which I am so very fond of. if I did not have studies to tend to in the day, I would spend all those hours crafting to my heart's content. every stitch whether be sewn, knit, embroidered, or crocheted gives me pleasure and a smile curls from my lips as I think of the beaming delight a dear friend will have whence they handle the project hand-made with love...

hours I spend pouring myself over websites, youtube, and pinterest {thank the good Lord for pinterest!} for craft project ideas. and since a lot of the young ladies I know are within the same circles, rarely do I give out ideas for projects that I keep in mind, but here are a few things that might inspire your creative juices during this Valentine season...

// heart shaped paper clips // 
{source :: pinterest} 

cute easy paper clips to add to cards or packages. 
very quick and easy crochet project. 

// tea bag gift tags // 
{source :: pinterest} 

cute little gifts to tuck into letters to add a sweet touch. 

// odds and ends garland // 
{source :: pinterest } 

would be fun with hearts and red//pink admission tickets. 
// bunting to gifts // 
glassine bags {purchased on Etsy} add sweet, delicate touches and can be used as envelopes for sweets, cards, vintage postcards, and so much more!  

// pink buntings // 
{source :: pinterest} 

buntings are so easy and the perfect little gifts. 
// posie pockets // 

embroider it and fill with "craft supplies" from your own collection. 

have the right supplies. purchase good quality paper and embellishments. I know spending a few extra dollars is hard sometimes, but believe me it's well worth it. K Company, Martha Stewart {I don't like her, but love her products ;)}, and DCWV paper and stickers make for lovely cards.  

be inspired.  search a lot of sites for inspiration. pinterest is amazing as well as Etsy {etsy is especially encouraging as real people sell handmade goods that with a little imagination and creativity you can make as well [and even better!]} 

try something new. don't be afraid to fail. believe me, a lot of projects have gone awry.
add personal touches. whenever you can find a place to add a personal touch such as a friend's initial or bible verse, do it! :) 

one more thing :: if it's a gift for a friend, send something you know that they can use/want. if your friend is a knitter, add yarn! if your friend is a writer, include quotes on writing or stationery. etc. etc. make it personal and the gift will be so much more appreciated. 

happy crafting, dear readers! 
the girl who is content crafting in the garden all day.  


  1. This was a lovely post full of great ideas! Now I really want to put together a small package of something wonderful to send to a friend. :) Thanks for the fun projects!

    I was wondering thought about your link to Pinterest in your sidebar, under "Find Me Here". It doesn't seem to work, and I would love to follow you!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I fixed the link and would love if you followed! ;)

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Goose, for this wonderful post! It's really encouraging as well as helpful- especially since Valentine's is coming up. I so wish Morgan and I could come over and spend a day- week- month with you to craft!

    Love your,

    1. hullo, darling! Oh, I'm so glad 'twas helpful. Yes, I do so wish you could come to my house {or vice versa} for a WHOLE MONTH and just craft to our hearts content. *happy sigh* Someday we will see each other...I know it. ;)

      your goosey girl.
      postscript :: have we just become so much alike that we leave little messages for only each other to know on OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS? {fernweh magazine} *smile*

  3. Yes! It was extremely helpful! Listen, an hour would be good enough for you and I to simply craft our hearts out! Although 1 month would be much preferable :-)

    Oh and yes, we are that much alike, dearie. *giggles* your name popped up in my head and I couldn't wait for you to- if you did happen to- see it. Love you! Think of your silly,


  4. These are lovely tips and ideas! I especially like the heart embroidery - so sweet!

  5. Grace, i love your blog!! :) SO doing those paperclip hearts!! I can come here and calm. God bless you!
    Love and blessings,

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  6. Wonderful ideas, dearest Grace! :)

  7. I love those ideas!
    Especially the ones with the tea bags and envolopes.
    P.S.I am now following your blog!