Feb 9, 2012

hi, beautiful. love always, yours truly.

dear miss beautiful,
hullo, lovely! I do not believe we have had the pleasure of meeting quite yet, but 'tis always a delight to cross paths with new people.

perhaps, you've never left a comment. perhaps, you don't even follow this blog. perhaps, you haven't even read this blog yet until now, until this very minute. I see 330 visitors in my followers box, but perhaps, you are one who does not follow publicly or maybe does not keep a Google account. 
yet, I would like to take a moment and welcome you. acknowledge you, because you are truly what allows this little garden o' mine to flourish. without you, I'm just a girl who rambles about the ordinary life she lives. with you, I'm the girl who types her heart out to the world. 

hi there beautiful! my name is miss imperfect. I love blogging, because it gives me a canvas where I can sit down and write about the world descriptively, perfectly; but sometimes I believe that blogging portrays my world as "picture perfect." 

m'dear, behind this screen lives a clumsy fifteen year old girl who half of the time likes to think she knows what she is doing, takes less-than-perfect photographs editing them with a free photoshop, rarely drinks out of a "proper" tea cup, pretends to be martha stuart {even though I dislike her very much}, eats too much sugar, has never completely read a Jane Austen novel that she raves about, and rarely uses the correct diction. I don't always capture photographs of sunbursts and golden hour. I should like for all my posts to be simply compelling, evoking tears and emotions, and completely riveting, but looking back most of them are ramblings and utter nonsense. I should like to think of all of my days beautiful, but believe me, darling, sometimes I sob when lulled to sleep.  

I am human. I have faults. and I thank you. 

for having the patience to read my nonsense. because without you, there would not be a "Grace's Garden Walk." so darling, on those hard days, sit down, breath, brew your self a cup of tea and know you are loved. you are cherished. and know that I am always thankful for you. even though I don't know your name. 

but someday, I hope I will. 

love you,
the girl in the garden.
{photographs via pinterst}
postscript :: I shall be posting another giveaway soon. ;)    


  1. As always, another amazing post! I love reading your blog :)

  2. I am a new follower of your lovely blog. I'm so impressed that you are only 15? I would not have guessed that from your writing. I love your little blog..it's so lovely..and I look for lovliness in this world! I love Jane Austen, but unlike you, I HAVE read her books!:) Someday you will find time to sit with her books and discover what you were missing!!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog, and for spreading beauty through your words and photos. I much appreciate it!

    I love a handwritten note, and feel sad that so much of our communication these days is done on the computer. There is nothing quite as delightful as a nice handwrittne note arriving in the mail box, filled with heartfelt sentiment.If you should care to have a note arrive in your box feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to accomodate you! feel free to use my email : ratsteb at gmail dot com
    Teresa s

  3. Yes, an amazing post. Thank you for being so honest to your readers. :)


  4. Beautiful post! :) I truly admire your honesty and humility in your blog.

  5. What can I say, dearie? This post sounded like it just came from your heart. I loved it!

    Yours truly,
    twin sister

  6. Miss Grace, this is lovely. (as your posts are always are!)
    Your blog is a favorite and I do so love to read it.

  7. Incredible post! Love, love, love it! :^)

  8. Inspiring post!
    Sometimes when I read people's posts they sound like they have a fun,creative,and sometimes out of the ordinary life,
    It's good to hear that people live lives like mine!

  9. (what she said ^)
    your posts are so inspiring, grace. i feel this exact same way. the pictures made it pretty, but the words made this post beautiful. thanks YOU for posting such great words!

  10. Thank you for that *sweet* post! it really sounded like it came from your heart!
    any more vlogging yet? :)

  11. beautiful! i love your blog, grace.(:


  12. I love your blog, all of your posts are so great! you can tell you really love blogging and enjoy it, it's very encouraging!



  13. I do so love your dear blog! Keep up those encouraging, poetic, and utterly lovely posts of yours. I wish I had such a way with words. :)

    Anne Marie

  14. I do so enjoy your lovely blog. :) It is very encouraging + your posts are so poetic!

    Anne Marie


  15. Amazing post Grace! Loved the pictures! (where did you link them from :))

  16. Love your blog, so much so that I posted a picture on Pinterest. Beautiful

  17. how sweet. such loveliness!

    ps. i eat too much sugar. glad i'm not alone in my obsession. ; )

  18. Hello Grace! I just visited your blog for the first time today after another blogger had sent me your link. I've had so much fun getting to explore your online "garden." Grace and Peace!

  19. Grace, this is beautiful! Don't forget you are loved m=by the One and Only Creator, and you are gorgeous inside and out dispite your flaws.
    We all have imperfections, but we can create happy endings and lessons learned with them.
    Love and blessings,

  20. Ps. would LOVE a giveaway... fun, fun!

  21. Beautiful post, Grace! I, too, am striving to be an authentic blogger, but it definitely can be difficult at times to make it truly authentic. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessings to you!

  22. How lovely! (Honestly, I have never fully read a Jane Austen novel either!) :)

  23. Hello Miss Grace This post sounds like it came straight from the heart, I think I will try and write more from my heart
    this was a lovely post
    Rachel Hope
    I tagged you on my blog

    1. @ Hope

      Thank you so much, dear! You are so sweet. And thank you for tagging me, but I no longer accept tags as I have neither the time nor want to exclude any of my dear friends when listing other people to tag. :) I do hope you understand.

      Thank you so much to all the dears to left such a sweet comments!!! I always appreciate hearing from you!

      love always,
      Grace, author

    2. Thats totally fine I understand completely, life can be crazy.
      I always enjoy your posts and love to drop in and see what you have to say, I was very excited when I found your blog because I felt quite a kindred feeling when reading about who you are. you do a wonderful job on this blog and are so very open and know who you are for one so young, keep up the good work.
      blessings to you

    3. Oh, thank you so much for understanding, Miss Hope! I appreciate it ever so much, and again I thank you for being so kind as to tag me. :) I very much LOVE your sweet little notes that you leave in my garden walk, and am always so grateful for dear faithful visitors such as you! My garden would not be the same without ya. ;)


  24. Grace, you always have such lovely posts, even when you are admitting your faults. Thank you for being so honest and encouraging.

    Emily Ruth.