Apr 27, 2010

Thoughts on Courtship

Hello, dear Readers!!!! Hope that everyone has had a wonderful week so far. And special thanks to all of you who are praying and have left such sweet, encouraging comments on my last post. I shall let you know the results soon enough.

For the past maybe year and a half, I have had a great interest about courting and modesty in dress (soon I want to take the Feelin' Feminine challenge:) and femininity. More so acknowledging and being thankful to the Lord for making me a girl!!!! I always get so excited whenever I pick up this book from my shelf and start reading this incredible book:Who has read this??? I think other than the Bible this book is one of the top books that a girl should read! Sarah Malley has definitely inspired me to take the road less taken. And it is such an encouragement to meet so many girls while you are walking on the narrow road who have the same ideas about courtship and dating. This book is so encouraging (and it is even more amazing that the author is waiting for her Prince Charming too!!!) whenever I have some of those low days. Sometimes it is hard when you see all around you, that people are taking the other road and sometimes I do want to follow them; but then I think of Sarah Malley and her sister Grace Malley and my past violin teacher, Shawna (who has been the greatest role model by the way:) who have inspired me to follow an amazing journey. Yeah, girls in their teen years may be walking through a constant battlefield raging around them, but God protects them and leads them along the "back trails," where there beautiful waterfalls and wonderful treasures lay, that the people who go on the "main road,"miss.

When I look back, it is funny to me that when I was younger, I thought that someone dated and got married and that's the way you get to know someone. But how wonderful it was to find the alternative way!!!! I know that I am too young to think of marriage, but one is never too young to keep one's self pure in mind, physically, and in heart.

I love the one chapter in this book; the princess is depressed and thinks that her Prince Charming shall never come. She goes to her father (going to your parents is always the best thing to do; don't you agree?:) and he leads her out to the garden where a rose bush lays. There he askes her to open the rose so that he might see the flower, but she refuses saying that it is not ready to be opened. Her father askes again, but the princess says that if one opens the rose it shall not be as pretty as when it opens at its own pace. So do girls of this world also bloom before their rose has developed and matured

Your sister in Christ,

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  1. I am in the middle of reading it Grace, and YES!!! It is a MUST READ for ALL Christian ladies!

    Thank you SO much for posting,

    Looking forward to your letter!


  2. I shall have to check out that book!

  3. I love that example in the book too Grace!

  4. Hmmm....it looks like a good book. Our family loves Vision Forum! Have you heard of the Jonathan Park Cd's?

  5. Dear Grace,

    It is so neat to see you encouraging others to wait on the Lord and remain pure before Him. He truly blesses those who desire to do things His way. Thanks for your sweet words.=)

    Hope your week of testing is going great!

  6. I have to check that book out! It sounds wonderful. And I agree with your thoughts:]

  7. Dearest Friend,

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful insights on courtship. I think it is so important to wait for the man God chooses for us. He has the perfect plan for our lives, and His timing is the right timing. I feel so blessed to have a Savior who loves you and me that much! What a beautiful and lovely Heavenly Father we serve!
    I hope you are having a blessed evening. May the Lord continue to pour His abundant blessings upon you and your sweet family, Grace!

    Your Sister In Christ,