Apr 24, 2010

Awards and Tag!!!

Dear Readers,

Happy Saturday everybody!!! I have not blogged in the longest time; sorry about that.

My dear friend Johanna from An Old-Fashion Girl (if you have not all ready, you simply must visit her sweet blog:) awarded me this pretty thing:

and tagged me too!!! (Bleeding Hearts are one of my favourite and most beautiful flowers, so I was quite pleased to have this:) Thank you, dear sister!!!

It was funny because I had read a lot of blogs that had been tagged, and wanted to be tagged really badly, now almost simultaneously

Jane from Novel Pretender,

Ashley Nicole from Bramblwood Fahion,

and Johanna tagged me!!! (two different tags though:)

I am not sure how many people I should award this too, so here it goes:

Leah from The Narrow Path

Miss Grace Elizabeth from The Upper Road,

and this is such a beautiful award that I am awarding it to all that want it!!

And my other dear friend, Bess from Bess Bag (visit her blog too:) sweetly awarded this to me too:

Thank you, Fav Sis!!!! You are a great sister!!!

I am also awarding this to all of my fellow sisters in Christ who want it. You deserve it girls!!!

Okay, now for the tag:

#1 Apples, oranges, or bananas?

Hmm.....we have some oranges in the fridge, bananas are great in smoothies with strawberries, but I would have to say that fresh, crisp Pink Lady Apples are probably the best!

#2 How many siblings do you have?

One, but she is older and lives with her daughter a few hours away from us.

#3 Do you live in prarie, woodland, swamp, city, or other?

Well, our town is really called a city, but it feels more like a (rapidly growing) little town. Nothing extremely exciting here, but it is not too sleepy a town. It is nestled in wine country, between San Fransisco and L.A. I love my charming town!!!

#4 Scissors or Glue?

Both, I use glue and scissors in cardmaking and sewing, but probably more so scissors.

#5 Describe your dream home.

Hehehe, ummmm......I could take this whole post up by describing it in detail. In fact, a whole blog could be made about this (that's not half a bad idea:) Let's just say, I would like it to have a lot of old-fashion charm to it, in a Victorian or Colonial style neighborhood where there is a lot of local history where you can be good friends with your neighbors:).

Um...there would be a beautiful backyard with more modern twist (meaning how Japenese style incorporating a lot of water:), and the inside would be very homey.

#6 Is your room clean?

Mostly, yes, I usually keep my bedroom fairly clean (meaning you can see the bed, floor, but sometimes I do clutter my dresser top and desk top:).

#7 If you could be a movie character who would you be?

Ummm....Jane Benett in Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth),

Emma Woodhouse from the newer movie,

and either Lucy or Susan Pevesie from The Lion the Witch and the Wordrobe!

#8 Italy, Greece, France, Spain, or England?

Do I have to decide????? Well....Greece, Italy, France, and England are definitely on the top of my list as well as Germany and Austria.

#9 What Denomination are you?

#10 Do you sleep with a stuffed animal (BE HONEST!!!!)

Nope, just my comfortable, fluffy, cannot-live-without pillow, sheets, comforter, and quilt.

#11 Gum, Chocolate, or Jellybeans?

Is that hard to choose???? Chocolate hands down!!!!

Then Gum, and then Jellybeans.

#12 What is your favourite book?

Before You Meet Prince Charming and The Apothecary's Daughter.

I should make a shelf from shelfari for my book blog:).

#13 If you had to eat one type of food for two weeks, what would that food be?

I love food, so this is pretty hard for me to choose, but I would probably say PASTA!!!!

#14 What is your favourite Olimpic sport?

Umm... Ice Skating and gymnastics and swimming.

#15 If you woke up as Miley Cyrus for a day, what would you do (note, I am NOT saying that I am a fan!!!)?

That would be quite perplexing. Wear decent clothes, tell the director of the Disney channel show that I would not act nor talk so disrespectful to my dad or my friends even if it was in the script, and sing worship songs. (Think of what the crowd would look like if you started singing worship song's at a Hannah Montana concert!!! *giggles*)

#16 Describe yourself in three words.

Kind, Outgoing, Crafty!

#17 Favourite book?

Ahem, (taps foot and crosses arms)


#18 If Elmo came into the room with a gun, what would you do?

You know I have thought about this silly question alot when I read Johanna's answers. IT IS PROBABLY THE SILLIEST QUESTION!!!

Okay here are my answers:

First, Elmo is a puppet, so I would attack the puppeteer if he came to harm me or my family or friends.

Secondly, Elmo is not half that smart to get his hands on a real gun, so he probably would not be a real threat (now if he did have a real gun, then that is a different story).

Thirdly, if the gun was not real, I would just walk over to Elmo, pat him on the head, and lead him out the door:)

Okay, I cannot really think of people to tag, so the first five people who comment and wants to answer these questions will be tagged. How does that sound, k?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Your sister in Christ,


  1. Am I counted in on the first five? I hope so! I would like to do this tag!

  2. Oh, yes, yes, Hannah! You are quite welcome to the tag and awards!!! Enjoy!

  3. I did the tag on my blog :)

  4. Great answers! Do you mind if I do this tag? It seems fun!

  5. Thanks Grace for awarding me! I like it alot. It is so pretty. I have always liked bleeding hearts. My favorite flower is a pansy.

  6. Hello! I wanted to ask you- can I use your idea on giving hints about the prize? I'm having a giveaway, and I thought it was a good idea. If you don't want me to use it, thats fine.