Apr 9, 2010

Tea by the Sea

Dear Readers,

Hello! Hope that everyone is having a sunny day! Yesterday was such a lovely day! I went to tea with a friend (special SPECIAL thanks to her for taking me on this lovely outing:) in the English Tea Room, and thought you would enjoy some pictures. I had so much fun making capturing some "professional-looking" pictures of the tea cups, and took so many that I had an extremely hard time choosing which ones I should include in this post!!!

I had ordered the Royal Tea which was tea for two.The first tear had two warm scones with strawberry preserves and double Devon cream (Yummmmmm.....). The second had cakes, petite fours, biscuits (cookies) strawberries, and so much more. The third had sandwiches including, salmon and sprouts, cream cheese, tomato and basil, and egg salad. I thought this was so cool ( and knew my violin teacher would love this:). It is a treble clef!!!A birds nest....too beautiful to eat!And I also took some more pictures of flowers. These were the first picture I have taken (or had known I had taken) with the macro settings. I am so happy on how they came out! Love,


  1. How cool! That looks really fun, I wish I could find a place like that near me!

  2. The food looks tasty! You've got some fantastic pictures too!

  3. Hi Grace!

    It looks like you had a lovely time with your friend! Thank you for sharing the many photographs. You are a wonderful photographer, dear friend!
    Have a blessed Friday evening!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun at tea, Grace! The flowers are sooo pretty too:-))

  5. Oh how fun! it looks like you had a delightful time! :)

    P.S.I sent your letter the other day! let me know when you get it! :)

  6. Mmmmm...those deserts look good!

    We're pretty close in age then!

    Well, living in another country was fun, and exciting. Well, just different not really "exciting". Like, nobody was trying to put us in jail or anything! Actually, the people in the Middle East are more generous than the people here! It's sad to think that some people think all Muslims are mean people that shoot bombs and stuff! Oh, cool!

    Oh, the story doesn't have to be a BOOK!!! It can be really short if you want, but of course if its "Mary and Jane hid.", it's probably not going to win. (-: I'd really like if you entered, only one person has and there story is good it's just not really Christian and it's love! I'd rather not post that as the winning story!

    The link to your other stories didn't work, sorry! Could you send it again? Oh, never mind, I think I know how to get to it!

    I'll enter your contest, and I'll look and see what I think the prize is!

    In Jesus,
    Kendra K.
    PS: Here's my email if you want to reply this way! ismikendra@gmail.com

  7. Sounds very enjoyable!! :)

    I love all the pictures you took!

    That food looks very yummy as well. :)



  8. Thanks so much for your note on my blog! I love finding little notes of cheer from my sis! It is quite sunny & beautiful where I am today - hope your weather perks up. =) I'm so excited about your giveaway - everything looks AMAZING =)! I've got to get around to hosting a giveaway sometime!

    I love little English Tea Rooms in the states - it's like for an hour or so you can pretend your in Great Britain sipping their staple drink of choice. We have a great little tea room where I live that is small, cozy, & elegant! Yours looks so charming & lovely! You did a fabulous job with the pics! They definitely look professional to me! =) Those flowers are especially pretty, too!

    With Love From Your Sister in Christ,

  9. Dear Grace,

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your outing. That looks like such fun! You are quite the talented photographer. And you look beautiful!
    I have never been to The Tea Cozy before. I'll have to tell my Mom about that one. We always go to The Tea Trolley in Atascadero every time I am back in town for a visit. It is run by a sweet-natured, plump English woman with a delightful accent and personality...just the sort of person who should have a tea room. :)

  10. Oh, Grace it looks like you had a wonderful time! You took some GREAT pictures! Don't you just love tea parties! They are just so fun. You said you had LOTS more pictures, I was wondering if I could see more (pretty please)! Just if you had time, maybe you could post or email me more! (I just loved looking at them)!

    In Christ,


  11. -Johanna, of course I shall send you some more pictures from the tea party, and yes, they are great fun.

    -Shawna, I shall have to try the Tea Trolley in Atascadero. The waiter (owner) that we had at the Tea Cozy was a little strict, not very cordial, but the woman that owns the Tea Trolley sounds quite the opposite. Hope to hear from you soon

    -Bess, Awwww, thanks. You are a sweet sister.

    -And for everybody, I wish that we could all have one giant tea party, and meet each other in person!