Apr 7, 2010

April's Simple Life

Hello Dear Readers!!! Wow! I have not posted a real post in a long time. Hope that everyone is having a wonderful spring break so far.

I am so excited that I made a home-management binder. I found the instructions from Feelin' Feminine which you can find here http://feelinfeminine.com/?p=3923 for the tutorial.
I am still working on the inside, though. Do you have any ideas? Recipes, homaking skills, cleaning tips, or links where I can find great recipes, would be a great help to me. This is my first Garden!!!! I have planted strawberries and red potatoes. Yum! I cannot wait til' they are ripe!

And here are some of my carrot sprouts!
Here are some other pictures from my garden:

California Lilac....


And Lily of the Valley...

As you can see, this is not from my back yard (though I wish :). When my family and I visited my sister, she took us to this beautiful location.
It would be heavenly if you could go for a dip in the summer, but alas, since we live in California, it will be dried up by then.

Poetry Corner:

The Joy of the Hills
Edwin Markham
I ride on the mountain tops, I ride;
I have found my life and am satisfied;
Onward I ride in the blowing oats,
Checking the field's lark's rippling notes-
Lightly I sweep
From steep to steep;
Over my head through the branches high
Come glimpses of the rushing sky;
The tall oats brush my hourse's flanks;
Wild poppies crowd on the sunny banks;
A bee booms out of the scented grass;
A jay laughs with me as I pass.
I ride on the hills, I forgive, I forget
Life's hoard of regret-
All the terror and pain
Of the chafing chain.
Grind on, O cities, grind,
I leave you a blur behind.
I am lifted elate - the skies expand:
Here the world's heaped with gold is a pile of sand.
Let them weary and work in their narrow walls.
I ride with the voices of waterfalls!
I swing as one in a dream-I swing
Down in the airy hollows, I shout, I sing!
The world is gone like an empty word!
My body's a bough in the wind, my heart a bird!

I love this poem!!!
Hope everyone has a blessed spring day!

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  1. Grace,

    What a lovely and well-written post! You are a very sweet young lady.
    Your homemaking binder is wonderful! I will let you know if I come across any great recipes!
    Your garden is beautiful as well. Isn't it a blessing to harvest your own fruits and vegetables? We started a garden, although it didn't last long. I would love to try planting again soon!
    Does your sister live in California as well? I noticed in your information box, that you said you were an only child. It is wonderful that you have a sister!
    Have a blessed Wednesday evening, dear friend!

    Your Sister In Christ,