Apr 29, 2010

More Tags and Sweet Awards

Leah from The Narrow Path and Jenna from Where the Heart Remains both gave me sweet awards and tagged me as well. :) Thanks, girls!!!
So the first one is from Leah and here are the rules:
~Choose any amount of friends, or blog friends or real life friends, and say at least two things (Or More!!!) you admire or like about them.
~Tag the friends you wrote about.
~If those friends have blogs, be sure to link back to them!

This award is so sweet!!!

Okay, so here are some of the people I am going to list (it might take awhile so bear with me:)

Joanna has been my best friend, and I have known her for all of my life (except for the six months in China:). She has been the most loyal and greatest friend! She does not have a blog, so I cannot link to her:)

Okay now here are some of my blogging friends:

Bess,( yeah you know who you are) has been a great Gal Pal! She was one of the first girls I met when I first started blogging. She has been a great sister, and I have enjoyed and appreciated every single comment she has left on my blog!!!

Johanna, has been a sweet sister too. She and I have been corresponding through letters recently, and I enjoy every one of them (including her sweet comments). I admire her gentle-and loving spirit and am very grateful to have her as a blogging sister.

Miriam too, has been a joy to know. We have also been corresponding through letters, and she is quite a blessing to know. She has a kind, loving spirit, and heart for the Lord:) Glad to know you, dear friend!!!

Leah, who tagged me, has been a sweet sister. She has a heart for the Lord, and is a loving person! I am thankful that she is apart of my blogging family. :)

Jenna has also been such a wonderful sister to know. She always leaves the sweetest comments and has been a great Christ-filled sister!!!

Lindsay, too has been apart of my blogging family. She leaves sweet comments, has a heart for the Lord, and is a true blessing to know:)

Let's see....

And to all of my fellow blogging sisters in Christ! I cannot express how thankful I am to have a blogging family!!!

Jenna awarded me this:It reminds me so much of Anne and Dianna:)


~Tag at least five 'sweet friends,' on Blogger

~Answer the Tag (below) in your post

~You may tag the person who gave you this award

~Don't forget to comment on the post that awarded you!!!

Let's Get Started

You are _______ in your family.

Well, youngest in my family counting my sister, but she does not live with us (nor has she ever lived with us), therefore I am really the only child.

Do you have your own camera?

Yep, well, my parents gave me their old camera (thank you by the way:) which is a Sony (in which all the pictures that I post on my blog is captured by this camera). It sometimes takes blurry pictures, so I hope that in the future I can afford a really good one:)

List three of your character qualities:

Outgoing, crafty, kind

What is your favorite thing to blog about?

Random things? Well, my favourite stuff to blog about are probably my crafts and recent sewing projects, and it is fun to see how many people comment on your giveaways!!!! :)

~How long have you had your blog?

I started Grace's Garden Walk, you know I really do not know. I accidentally erased my very first post, but I think I started around February this year. I know it has not been that long.

Okay, I am awarding this to...

All the girls that I mentioned above as well, as anyone of my followers that do not have this award already! You deserve it girls!

Yours in Christ,


  1. Thanks so very much Grace for the 2 lovely awards/tags! I wish I could tag you, but since you presented me with this treat I'll just simply tell you that you are a wonderful sister! I remember when I first stumbled upon your blog & you had around 3 followers (now you're 1 away from 50! You've got more than me!=)...I knew when I started reading your blog that we were kindred spirits! I'm so glad to have found you, sis! =) Your blog is a blessing & you have a place in my prayers!
    Love From Your Sis in Christ,

  2. Awww... thank you so much for the awards, Grace! That is so thoughtful and kind of you. :-) I'm really glad that I came across your blog. You are SO sweet! ;-)

    ~ Lots of Love,
    Lindsay <3

  3. Oh, Grace Thank you SO much! your Friendship to me is a great blessing and gift! I praise God every day for the friends he has blessed me with!


  4. thank you again for my awards and tags!

    Oh, not to be random, but, I just can't wait to see who wins your giveaway!!! I am so excited!

  5. Well, I have to go now *yawn* Good Night dear Friend!


  6. Hi Grace!
    Your blog is very lovely, Christ honoring and encouraging. It is amazing how the Lord gathers His children together, even through the computer! Thank you for the sweet comment that you left on my blog, and your friendly spirit towards me. I am very grateful to find another like-minded sister in Christ.


  7. Thank you...I don't know if I will ever be able to express how wonderful my life has been with you, Grace. I know that it is God that has made this possible.
    Those awards are very cute. :-)


  8. Thank you for awarding and tagging me,Grace!!! :D