Mar 10, 2014

an essay of forgotten stills || tent city reenactment 19(20)13

 photo vscocam_1383327326502365IMG_0249_zpsdaa4cf82.jpg
:: all stills taken with an iPhone {either mine or mum's} with VSCO ::
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we don't have civil war reenactments in these parts. no, we re-live an era when farmers were growing fruit for the soldiers in the Great War raging in Europe, Mr. Randolf Hurst was a common face to stumble upon in a crowd, and barn dances - nothing fancy - were the highlight after the week's biddings.  families from all over the States, Canada, and Europe came to stake their claim in california's hills, dotted with wildflowers; living and accomplishing business in canvas tents while the houses they would someday call home were being built. this is the story of how we relived a hundred year's worth of history.  photo photo2.jpg
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||| after the awards was a great thrill and honor to win for my second and final time :) ||| 

the weather was altogether balmy and autumn-like. dreamy morning sunbeams splashed in little pools on the velvety carpet of grass. octobers had always been good to me with birthday celebrations and disneyland trips, but one of my favorite highlights was always the day we would don on 1900's outfits and reenact an era long gone by. the sleepy morning soon slipped into a rambunctious afternoon. strands of music from the mudskippers band weaved through the crowd; while newies shouted announcements, the anvil pounded from the smithy, and laughter floated amidst the excited guests composed the cacophony of noises. arm in arm with one of my dearest friend, we greeted guests warmly and relished a sarsaparilla at the end of a very long day.

even in another time period, dressed in lace and gloves, i felt at home. and i will miss octobers in cali dearly.
thank you for the best of times, tent city.
postscript // view more stills from this photographer


  1. How lovely! I could almost imagine the smells and sounds of that old tent city... I love taking days to step back in time; to imagine a world long gone and yet cherished in its memory. You look so lovely, and I'm sure that your joyful countenance added much to the cheerful spirit of the day!
    Love and Blessings,

  2. oooh, I loved all the Civil War reenactments they did last year. I'm from the south so there were a lot! It's neat how they did it in California too!!!!

  3. what a nice day and lovely occasion. i bet it must be fun to dress up like that.

  4. Love these photos! It looks like that was such a lovely day.

    Also, that dress you're wearing? I want it...

  5. Looks fun! I keep thinking of how many funny memes one could make of the selfies in old fashioned garb with a smartphone...

    1. YES!!! haha. I did make sure that my iPhone was tucked away, during the day. I was blessed enough to freely capture TC between breaks and in the mornings. :) which was quite rare {there's always someone sneaking around trying to taunt you about modern technology while reenacting}. :P

  6. Every year, when you post pictures from this, I wish I could just pop on over and visit you.

  7. i'm drooling over these... so much vintage gorgeousness! love itttt and looks like soo much fun :))
    - Gabi

  8. ohh, darling, these are exquisite. (and once again, i thought i'd already commented?? oh dear me.) i love how you see things - and these are just absolutely too lovely and vintage and i feel like i'm in the middle of the 1900s. :) oh my word. *sigh* so dreamy... p'raps one day i'll be able to attend one of those things with you. ;) or at least come and take a hundred pictures of you all dressed up and looking lovely. {but you always look lovely.}

    now i'm rambling. anyway. ;) this is lovely - and thank you so much for your darling comments on my blog... they make my day.
    love you bunches 'n bunches, m'dear MH. xx

  9. I love all these photos, and the editing on vsco adds the perfect touch! I love vsco.