Dec 1, 2013

rocking around the christmas tree...with red lipstick.

>> confession. i was a bit reluctant to join delight's "rocking red lips day." red lipstick, though lovely and oh-so-forties-ish, scared me to death. 
>> confession. i researched lipstick way more than i needed to for this event. 
>> confession. i dragged my mom all over the place to find the right lipstick, and searched high and low for the "perfect" redness.  
>> confession. i didn't find it. 
>> confession. red lipstick is hard to find. 
>> confession. i stink at putting lipstick on. {in sephora the other day, i literally had red lipstick all over my face *ultimate face palm*}. 
>> confession. i mixed like four different lipsticks to get this color. 
>> confession. i didn't wear the red lips all day. *shhhh* 
>> confession. i tried really hard to persuade mum to let me wear it to church. here's how it went // 
me: i wouldn't wear it to church but, i finally got a color i like...
mom: yeah, that's much better. 
me: *looking in mirror* well actually, it's not too bad. i think i could maybe wear it to church...
mom: uh, no.
me: okay. 
yup, isn't that the most persuasive speech you ever did hear? i wouldn't have been brave enough to wear it to church anyhow. :D 
>> confession. red lipstick made me don on my fifties dress that my sister bought me + pearls. it MADE me do it, kay?!
>> confession. red lipstick makes me want to go swing dancing. 
>> confession. i think i may have fallen in love with red lipstick. 

>> confession. did you read "confession," before each line?! :D 
postscript // it's december already?!!! where on earth did this year go?!! - scratch that, where on earth did my life go?!!! 


  1. sorry that your momma wouldn't let you wear it to church (you looked gorgeous), but I'm so proud of you for being brave and putting on red lipstick.

    you're a braveheart! <3

  2. you're the cutest. that is all. <3

  3. SO adorable. I love you and your words and your photos... and GAH your dress is crazily gorgeous.

  4. just commented...then something happened (ohhh blogger you annoy me sometimes). anywhoodles,

    I simply adore you and your ever-so lovely lipstick colour (bravo for getting the perfect red!). And your dress? It's crazily gorgeous! Where (if you don't mind my asking) did you get it??



  5. You look just lovely!! And these pictures are so beautiful.
    Even if I could wear red lipstick (red is just not my color), I don't think I'd be brave enough. :)

  6. I think the lipstick looked really good on you:)
    I love red lipstick, but your right it's hard to find.
    I have a candy apple colored lipgloss that is wearable, but I'm still haven't found a red lipstick I like.

  7. I've never worn red lipstick. And I don't think I could pull it off either.
    But it looks lovely on you, dearie!
    Love your photos (as always) :)

  8. Wow, m'dear! You look simply gorgeous! Goodness gracious! 40's looks beautiful on you. ;) (but, then, everything does.) *wink*

    Love you!
    -- your JW

  9. Girl. You look simply AMAZIN. You got that bombshell thang goin' on!!

    Red lips can change a girl, huh?

  10. These pictures are gorgeous! Red lipstick really is lots of fun once you get used to it, and I love yours. *smile*


  11. they are beautiful photos! I have to wear red lipstick for all my ballet competitions! :)


  12. oh! red lipstick is the best. earlier this year I fell in love with red lipstick, although next time I'm thinking I'm gonna get a shade a tad darker. ;)
    you totally rocked it, girly!

  13. oh, go 'long. nope. it is illegal for someone to be this gorgeous, so just shtawp, m'kay. this is just absolutely too lovely; no kidding. you are so gorgeous it's unreal. ;) your dress is absolutely lovely; and i really wanna go swing dancing sometime too. so, let's do it, hmm? {also, the conversation with your mom was veryyy convincing. [large amounts of sarcasm] but i don't blame you; i wouldn't wear red lipstick to church anyway. hehe.}

    this is lovely. so so lovely. i love your bright, happy, beautiful face, and your chipper way of writing. ;)

    and i just love you.
    xx, M.

    {we really need to come up with a nickname for me. concerning Sherlock, Doctor Who, Person of Interest, something. yes. ;)}

  14. Your dress, lipstick and camera are simply..lovely.


  15. You look absolutely beautiful with red lipstick, but I totally understand how it can be scary to wear it... I could never ever pull off red lipstick, I'm just so sickly pale I would just look like a clown. :P

    anyway... Merry Christmas :)

  16. grace! it's been to long since i visited your blog. how are you?

    true, red lipstick can be scary to pull off. i think it's all about finding the right shade for your skin tone. not everyone goes for deep maroon or bright rose. me, i'm content with a soft pink because it goes well with the rest of my features, but a little red now and then doesn't hurt. :)

    lovely post, dear. don't be stranger! | blog

  17. haha Love it, I was once invited to a 40's party, but wasn't even brave enough to buy read lipstick - I got pink. But you look very nice in red - all your work was worth it. :)

  18. you GORGEOUS lady!
    confession: I'm so awkward in red lipstick. I have been trying. sigh, my sister looks lovely but I can never seem to put it on just right! you though, you ROCK it!
    (also, I got your lovely letter the other day! loved it and all the Christmas-y things!:)

  19. Grace! You are just so classy!
    The red lipstick looks perfect on you...I have tried it....but really....I don't like how it looks on me. =D