Dec 23, 2013

may your days be merry and bright...

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||| all stills taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCO presets ||| 

my journal's spine is breaking with all i have been jotting and stuffing between her pages // 
>> the days have been cold and snowless {typical california}, but warmed with dances and dinners and the making and wrapping of handmade gifts. it's christmas eve eve, and i still have a staring ever-lengthening list that must be contended with. honestly, i think i spend half as much time befuddled as to how christmas came upon us all so very quickly. 
>> we saw saving mr. banks, and i cried. the end. 
>> friday night was spent dancing upon tip toe, being twirled and swung all about. a victorian christmas ball, though only five days prior to the big day, was the best of ways to experience christmas cheer. i came home with sore legs but dear memories of delightful music and deepening of friendships made it all the more worth it. 
>> stiff/sore legs didn't stop me for swing dancing on sunday evening. any dance in general i can't pass up, and the evening was filled to the brim with swing music, good food, fantastic friends, and deepening my love for swing dancing. another new year's resolution has been added to my list // learn how to swing dance WELL. ;) 
>> my darling friends have been showering me with anglophile/doctor who lovelies. miss JW sent me the cutest doctor who bookmark + tardis necklace; my dearest MP sent me a homemade notebook, while my darling amelia pond navigated a little TARDIS to my doorstep. secretly i think they're all trying to make up for my raggedy man regenerating on Christmas. *sniff, sniff* ;( 

two more days, m'dears! 
may your Christmas be merry and bright, lovely, blessed, and snowy white. ;) 

Merry Christmas, lovelies!!!



  1. oh, my. these stills are absolutely fabulous, m'dear. Christmas. just the word sends tingles of nostalgia and sadness down my spine. it used to be a happy feeling, but now i think i'm missing what hasn't even come. it's still happy, but such a mixture of happiness, and sadness. ah, life, eh? ;)

    merry, merry, merry Christmas, darlin'. so sorry Skype didn't work the other day; i forgot we had planned to Skype until it was too late. :P perhaps tomorrow, for a few minutes at least? i miss you bunches.

    this is beautiful, darling. can't wait to talk to you again soon. (oh, and i shipped your present today; it's nothing big (and i'm sure not nearly as creative and gorgeous as what you sent me is - which i haven't looked at, by the way. ;)) but i hope you like it.)

    okay, this is a long comment. anyway.
    love ya bunches, m'dear MH. here's to a lovely, joy filled Christmas, and a fabulous New Year. *raises glass* <3 <3

  2. i'm so happy that you had a wonderful time swing dancing..and one of these days when I come for a visit we will have to go together so you can laugh at just how bad i would be at it. ;) you are a beauty inside and out and i had a lovely time talking with you today. and no kidding is that journal stuffed. ;) your journaled pages always leave me inspired for my own, and you just inspire me with everything you do. praying you have a blessed Christmas, doll! love ya! <3 <3

  3. Yuss - this is absolutely perfect in. every. way. That pomegranate?? Ohh jealousy spurts up within me every time I see some of it on you dear blog. Also, you're really adorable and pretty and I lovelovelove your wall decorations in your room. As Hannah said, your journaled pages always leave me inspired for my own, and YOU inpspire me with everything you do.

    Happiest of Christmases to you!

    xx, Acacia

  4. As always your photos are gorgeous! It sounds as though you have already started down a memorable road indeed this christmas.
    Blessings to you and your family, and a wonder filled Christmas.
    PS I will be sniffling right along with you in one day.
    Rachel Hope

  5. lovely photos and post! certainly you've captured the christmas vibe :)
    happy holidays x

  6. I love your lipstick in that last photo. *smile*
    I want to see Saving Mr. Banks!!! I did get to see Frozen, though. New favorite!
    I love all of your photos in this post, dear. I can't wait to hear about your swing dance adventures in the new year.