Dec 7, 2013

love is on the way.

I wake up to reality and now it's calling me, to be the kind of hope you're looking for. But I am here, and you're so far away, so there's no more time to waste. No longer waiting, I'm ready to go... // run, charmaine //
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||| a few stills of december daily life ||| 
i beg of you to love with your whole being & nothing less. 
there is a world outside, love
hardened with cold, cloaked in brokeness, frozen in bitterness, 
shadowed with hopelessness 
and only you hold the power to melt this tundra. 

show kindness. 
there are too many pretty eyes dimmed with tears at night
too many nights haunted with memories of loneliness
and too many hands numbed with indifference
kill this cold with kindness. 

you are broken, but don't let it stop you. 
you're too young to turn a cold shoulder against this world
yes it isn't fair, yes people have silently walked out
and left your heart's pieces on the floor
seasons have left you to starve, 
make sure to let life know
it hasn't hardened you
prove that it has strengthened you
& be a relentless message that love is on the way. 

the world is a harsh place, it's chalk full of broken people,
there's not enough room to add to the piles of bad things 
and we must leave it a better place than it was found. 
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  1. Grace, this is such a beautiful challenge. Too many times I find myself wanting love, but when it comes to giving in return, I'm not the best candidate. It's like the quote (and I'm pretty sure you pinned it...) "We build walls around our hearts and lock all our doors and wonder why nobody ever saves us." Thanks for reminding me to open up more, to love even if I'm not loved in return. Because that's what true love is, I think. :)


  2. oh wow, this is so beautiful and true. this >> you are broken, but don't let this stop you. just wow, so true and a reminder to take at heart and never forget. <33

  3. oh this is gorgeous. <3 love your poetry, dearheart.

  4. ''and we must leave it a better place than it was found.''

    I think I'm going to quote you for the rest of my life. (This freehand poem is profound, to say the least!)

    xx, Acacia

    PS your photos and craftiness never cease to amaze; darling, your work (craftiness, photographs and writing) is enchanting.

  5. your packages looks so inviting and full of excitement! i love the gold painted feather. home is really what is meant for this time of the year, i've been re-inventing my love for my apartment since it become cold again.

    lindsey louise

  6. ahh, girl... i'm speechless. this brought chills to my fingertips and tears to my eyes.
    "and only you hold the power to melt this tundra." >>>>> "you are broken, but don't let that stop you."
    darling, you are amazing. (ditto, acacia. i'm gonna quote you forever.)

  7. This is so so pretty! My favourite photograph is the one with the plant in the jar, it looks so delicate and soft and I love the faded reds and greens!

    Pastel Lens

  8. Oh my, this is so powerful to me. The holidays have been a little rough for me this year. My older brother (who I'm closest to), got married in September and for their honeymoon they moved to Seattle WA. The won't be visiting us for the holidays. It makes it so different and kind of depressing. You always seem to post just what I need to hear. Thank you so much!

  9. First of all, your stunningly creative packages/gifts/smashbook pages are seriously inspiring, girl! Wow. I'm sure the recipients were overwhelmingly blessed and excited. :) Beautiful words, too. Thanks for sharing, Grace, and have a lovely December, rejoicing in our Savior!

  10. ahhh!!! your photos are soooo pretty!!!!!

  11. this strikes such a powerful chord with me. as your posts always do. i've missed this space and i can't wait to immerse myself again in your lovely words. :)