Nov 20, 2013

on christmastime crafting::

 photo ChristmasCrafting_-16.jpg
 photo glittertape.jpg
 photo ChristmasCrafting_-22.jpg
 photo ChristmasCrafting_-21.jpg
 photo ChristmasCrafting_-28.jpg
 photo ChristmasCrafting_-32.jpg
 photo ChristmasCrafting_-37.jpg
christmas crafting essentials // 
twine, pretty paper, ribbon, tea packets, wax seals
glitter tape {lots of it} 
celctic woman/michael buble christmasy background music
the best of friends to ship your parcels to 

a few current parcels all tied up with twine and stamped with addresses, waiting to be shipped out. 
it's that time of year again. 
whatcha making this year? 
watch this to see inside these lil' packets of goodness. ;) 


  1. m'kay so you.da.bomb. everything about this is lovely, and puts me in the mood for christmas crafting. these pictures belong in a magazine, like seriously. <3 you are one talented, beautiful soul, and i love you a whole lot. <3

    p.s. i have the same wax seal!! :)

  2. Oooh! Pretty paper! I have to say, that must be the prettiest of paper I hath ever seen :) And Celtic Woman, it's pretty awesome.

    Merry Early Christmas :)

  3. So lovely!! This makes me so excited for Christmas.

  4. you are the queen of crafting, okay? gurlll, these are perfect.
    xx. -marcia

  5. These are beautiful!
    I myself am not a very crafty person but i am blessed with a handful of crafty friends who like to share their crafts with me. And i must say i am catching on, being pushed outside my box to create crafts for them in return. No christmas crafts this year but maybe next year i will have been bitten by the crafting bug and want to start my own christmas crafts. Until then i'll just enjoy others :)

  6. i wish i wrote more letters. it's so selfish, but it became a bit heartbreaking when my friends wouldn't really write back... i need to find better pen pals i suppose. :)

    these is just too beautiful, worth treasuring forever. :)

  7. Umm. wow. You are so very creative Grace!
    You inspire me.

  8. these are beautiful, Grace. what a lovely use of patterns. Do you know of any links of blogs or pinterest boards with little diy gift ideas for Christmas?

    1. all my diy ideas come from my pinterest board here ::
      good luck! :D

  9. What pretty items and photographs!

  10. ohh, gosh, darling. these are absolutely stunning. i don't think i've seen professionals make anything as creative and absolutely lovely as these. ;) you are so so so talented, and i am absolutely in love with these. ;) i'm working on your Christmas present too, and hopefully i'll get it out on time. (but i'm making no promises. late seems to be my trademark. :P)

    also, terribly sorry we couldn't chat this week; things have been more than crazy. but we'll plan on it soon, m'kay?

    love you bunches,

  11. this is like, stunningly amazingly beautiful.