Jan 1, 2014

the clock struck twelve...

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||| photo collage inspired by the lovely miss marcia who you simply MUST visit ||| 
isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different. // c. s. lewis
:: highlights :: 
january // i faced disappointments whose defeats i determined
february // the first victorian ball ever attended; the flowers bloomed early while i pleaded for life to begin
march // j & i trampled about the happiest place on earth quoting sherlock from dawn until dusk 
april // life springs alive when grace is in your heart and flowers adorn your hair
may // i fell in love with the sound of a1940's typewriter, and we've been running ever since. 
june // my journal was stuffed with descriptions of dances and sun spills and summertime beginnings
july // my voice was warmed with song and courage and my heart with new friendships
august // my summer adventures continued in orange county where i discovered a year changes things and i came home never to be the same; pieces of my heart are scattered abroad waiting to be found in a city i've never been, in a kindred spirit i have never met, or recovered once more in places shoved in my memories
september // brought exploring the untouched woodlands where rock and lattices of light and water created pieces of art 
october // brought the 1913's alive with a reenactment i won and a very special day i could have never imagined otherwise
november // thankfulness for home and wonder for what will come to be the same time next {this} year; happily ever afters are not given freely rather fought for, fiercely. 
december // i discovered a victorian ball is the best way to be captured by the christmas spirit, braces were quite a nuisance, and home is always where my heart remain. 
lewis described life within one simple sentence. days slip one after the other. stars march across midnight horizons, and the sun rises as easily as it sets. pages of our lives flip, few dog-eared for later review, and soon we come to significant points in our life when years come to a close and we are forced to look upon what impressions her waves have left for us to collect on the shore. 
there we find nothing is the same. 

twenty-thirteen was a drag, a waiting, a storybook, a wandering, an exploration, a wondering, and now simply a season now snapped shut with no apologies. to be quite honest, twenty-forteen holds so many hopeful prospects, i do not regret 2013's goodbye. there were many nights stifling tears from the ocean i discovered roared inside me, one that i guess has built up over these growing up years. and there was much sadness and confusion, and i realized how very prone i am to running away from my problems and that people leave and i will love them anyways. no matter how hard i try. and that God, in His infinite mercy, loves me anyways, no matter how far i try to run. 
this year is //
for loving if not half as much in return
reaching out to people who need His love and forgiveness 
being kind as every one is fighting a hard battle
being fully alive for Him 
and being brave enough to accept all the blessings in store in 2014. 

happy new year! 


  1. Incredibly organised and beautiful post -- I adore reading back on your year, Grace! xx, Acacia

  2. This is beautiful! Happy New Year, and I hope 2014 is your best year yet. :)

  3. This is beautiful, Grace. Funny how you captured my own feelings so well in your words, without even trying. I guess we all have similar feelings come New Years, and some people have a special way with words. ;)

    I hope this year is as lovely for you as 2013 - and I'm so glad to be riding along beside you!

  4. What an amazing post!

  5. Okay, I just love that photo collage! Such a creative way to do it!

    Happy New Year, Grace!

  6. a very true and beautiful post. :)

    happy new year.

  7. Beautiful. Your pictures, words...beautiful. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting lately dear but do know that I love your blog!!!!


  8. this is absolutely lovely, darling. i love your collage, and your words flow through my mind like a river, washing everything away, until i'm engulfed in them. pure poetry. and i absolutely love your layout, and organized post. ;) 'tis lovely, m'dear. cannot believe January is already almost half over. *faints*

    love you bunches, m'dear MH. you are a treasure. xx

  9. Such a beautiful summary to such a beautiful year!