Jul 30, 2013

July's last hurrah.

all stills are from my instagam and were edited with vscocam.

i. fresh strawberries from saturday morning market. 
ii. tea from a dear on an under-the-weather type of day.
iii. fandom teas are cool. 
iv. my fellow sherlockian and one of my dearest friend from the cast. 
v. part of the colony cast. 
vi. memories i collected from all of the cast members // a time capsule. 
vii. cosmos & nasturtiums & light leaks.  
this past month has been so full. 
it's quite an odd feeling to wake up and feel as though you are missing someone - and for me, i'm missing quite a few people. we celebrated our neighboring town's centennial by putting on a play with over 45 strangers from all over the central coast. over that course of two weeks, we became close-knit friends, sang in front of 1400 people within two nights, gathered a community together, and we made history. but sadly, history we had to leave in the past {until october comes, anyhow}. on sunday, we all gathered in the park for one last reunion. there was a lot of laughing involved and reminiscing of fond times over good food and embraces that we were all reluctant to break along with a lot of teary goodbyes and sweet hellos and faithful promises of more adventures in the future.

july seems to have grown her wings and has become restless and all too eager to go on. august, is summer's gift of one last farewell, summer's last hurrah. 

i keep having to remind myself, "it's called living, honey." 


  1. gah... the light leaks are ever so lovely. and i adore this >>july seems to have grown her wings and has become restless and all too eager to go on.
    xx. marcia

  2. That last sentence rings so true, Grace. A bit nostalgic, but very true.

    Lovely photos, by-the-by. :)

  3. It is so amazing how time flies, how so many good things slip away too quickly into a memory album, and how much of an ache is left behind to deal with...

    These pictures are precious and as are your words (as always).

    And you inspire me to drink a cuppa myself *winks*
    Love you! You amazing girl you.

  4. As always, what a lovely post with beautiful photographs!

  5. I love the photos! What is your Instagram name, if I may ask?


  6. ah lovely instagram photos.:) I cannot believe summer is coming to a close so quickly.
    "i keep having to remind myself, "it's called living, honey."" <--I think I need that quote hanging on my bedroom wall. so true. :)

  7. I sob, I cry- why must you give me so many feelings over life and its unrelenting current?!
    PS. Your insta is my favorite. Yes, yes it is.