Mar 18, 2013

we solve crimes, i blog about it, she forgets what sanity is {and i did too}.

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I've heard it said, that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn. And we are lead to those who help us most to grow, if we let them, and we help them in return. Well, I don't know if I believe that's true, but I know I am who I am today because I knew you. Who can say that I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you. I have been changed
for good. 

-Glenda, "For Good" from the Broadway musical Wicked
+ it was letting our hair down in the breezy SoCal weather.
+ it was at the most magical place on earth. 
+ it was sherlockian {obviously}.
+ it was mimicking british accents and quoting our favorite show non-stop.
+ it was excited squeals from doctor who fans who were the first to acknowledge a die-heart sherlockian.
+ it was trying new things like chocolate covered bananas, turkey legs, and pineapple dole whips {not all at once, mind you}.
+ it was frightening supposedly "scary" tower of terror attendants by our fangirling fancies.
+ it was late night picnics catered by my favorite italian restaurant and a cuppa of tea to stimulate our crime solving genius.
+ it was reminiscing over the good times spent at the happiest place on earth and dreaming up future summer adventures.
+ it was random outbursts of laughter and much mind reading as we attempted to not just see but observe.
+ it was impromptu singing in the spotlight to our favorite disney songs like no one was listening {I did notice a few amused looks cast our way, but after the time we had, one would get accustomed to them *smile*}.
+ it was murmuring "we have gone absolutely, utterly, and hopelessly insane," but having the time of our lives.
+ simply put, it was my dearest faraway kindred spirit and I. together. at the happiest place on earth. disneyland.  
our times together never seem to be quite enough. sanity? calm? those words are banished for the time being when I'm with this girl {whether that's a compliment or an insult - go ask her yourself}. but in all honesty, I could not imagine comprehending where I would be or what I would be without her. she's the girl who sparked this mad obsession {to which my family will never forgive}. the girl who started my craving for strawberries n' cream tea. the girl whose smile can brighten anybody's day and whose laugh has a magical effect on people {no joke, she makes people amazingly comfortable [and that's not just coming from her bestie]}. she's the girl whom I have come to call not merely my best friend but a true sister at heart. 

and she's the girl who will forever be my dearest Johanna W.

what's your favorite thing to do with your crazy best friend?
xx | the girl in the garden.


  1. You guys are the total BEST! This huge smile plastered itself on my face when I saw your blog post title on my feed. :D
    Looks like you two had a super fun time! I mean it's quite obvious from your post, isn't it?! ;)
    Also, I think we should get some Sherlockians together & have an all-quote conversation.
    Now excuse me, I need to go to my mind palace.


  2. Lovely pictures, ladies! You two are so pretty together! :)

  3. This is so sweet! :) You two are absolutely gorgeous--and it looks like you gals are had a lot of fun. ;)
    Your blog posts always always always bring a smile to my face--even if I don't always comment. (Sorry about that... ) :) This is so lovely, darling! ALSO, SHERLOCKIANS. I fit in that category. *ahem* We definitely need to get together (yes, Eve. totally agree) and drink tea, quote Sherlock and drown in "The Reichenbach Fall" feels. ;) Can't wait for Season 3. (But what Sherlockians can? *ahem*) :)


    xx // Mikailah

  4. this looks like super-duper fun!!!

  5. you two are seriously so cute. just ugh. every time you post about a getting together, I can hear your laughter through the photos. and strawberries and cream tea sounds heavenly!

  6. AH THIS IS SO LOVELY. I wanted to do a happy dance and give you two a hug after reading this.

  7. This is such a sweet post :) It sound like y'all had so much fun! Disney is such a magical place - I'd love to go there with my friends sometime! Oh my goodness, we would be insane and have sooo much fun :)
    -mal :)

  8. aw, Grace! I love this post so much . . . and miss you even more.

    We had an absolutely fantastic time, didn't we? Obviously. *hee-hee*

    Looking forward to the summer immensely, m'dear MH! *hug*

    -- your JW

  9. You two are WAY too cute together! I get to meet my online bestest friend Hannah in less than ten days, and I'm pretty excited about that. ;) I miss reading your blog, Grace - you've changed a lot (for the better ;) and I'm planning on keeping up now.

  10. oh how fun! you two are gorgeous!
    best friends are the best!
    I went to disneyland... when I was just a little:) I remember it being so fun and loving it!

  11. And he forgets his pants.

    I love your photography! It's been forever since I've read your blog- wow.

    In sherlockianess,