Mar 13, 2013

>> find what you want to be and go be it.

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she was happy for them. really truly happy. happy that they had found their voice and overnight they became worth noticing. but deep within her soul, she wanted to be just as happy for herself as well...
she wasn't the type of girl with the perfectly smooth face or the one with the messy bun pinned to her temples or the one with kinfolk tucked under her arm or the one or the one who's website was plastered all over the blogosphere. no, she was the type of girl with the long, thick flowing tresses that half of the time, she couldn't figure how to manage and the one who preferred to spend hours on end plotting birthday and christmas present crafts months before the occasion like she had all the time in the world {which really wasn't the case} and the one who had a half empty cuppa tea growing cold on the table, stained with a distinct little circle where the last one was put. and she wanted to be happy that that was simply her life.

she craved joy just as her bare arms craved the thoroughly warmed sunbeams after a day spent in of doors or like the first drops of rain after an especially dry spell. she wanted to be happy that spring always came early and warm in her little corner of the world, even though intense allergies were not following far behind. happy that she could be planning her summer vegetable garden beds while others in the world shivered under white blankets of ice. happy that she had friends, albeit miles away. happy that adventure was not too faraway. not settling for how things were when she knew she could rightly change them or wasting all her time wishing for how things should be. just simply happy. 

and after awhile, when she reflected on all the happiness around her. she felt it. being really truly happy. and she wished it to stay.

xx | the girl  who wanted to be was happy in the garden.
postscript :: thank you so much for the love on the last post! I most definitely want to have more "community" posts like that in the future. what are your thoughts?


  1. Grace, oh yes I feel like this so often. this was beautiful:) thank you for sharing!
    the post title of this post even is inspiring to me!:)

  2. Aw, darling, this is sweet. I am so glad to see this post today- it's one of those day that is good for curling up with a wonderful post like this. {With a cup of tea and lots of smiles because it's funny how friends far away can have the same weather.}

    I love you and you are the best and everything you do and touch is the best -turkey

  3. What a lovely blog you've got here! So unique. I'm glad i stumbled upon your space.

    lo and behold