Nov 19, 2012



"s o m e t i m e s," said pooh, "the smallest things take up the most r o o m in your heart..." 

I like things that hold real meanings - those little things that have no particular significance to anyone else but to the dreamers who make them such. like the stains and wrinkles in the recipe paper I have to smooth out when I make a beloved pumpkin spice cake. like the last drop of that sunflower body wash that evokes memories of my Orange County adventures. like my "sixteen grande" starbucks cup being drowned in the afternoon shadows. like the thumb-prints and dog-ears of past letters from this girl that shows I read and re-read them twice over. like a ribbon that tied up a past Christmas gift. or the chipping nail polish on my toes. because like the hearts that hold these little sentiments so dear, they have stories. they have meaning. they show the sentimental sympathies of all souls - even the cold iron cages who boast of the strength the world presses.stories we all look back upon composed of the little things in life. and it seems like they are not as little as we once thought they were...

----scribbles from my journal
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  1. Very true! The older i get the more memories mean! Wonderful blog!

  2. Ah, Grace - your words ring true to my soul. I love you and your words just a little too much.

    xx acacia

  3. yes, yes, yes. love this... so beautiful, Grace, dear. :) ♥ letters are the best. all these things are beautiful in their own way, and make day-to-day life so beautiful. xx

  4. aw, this is so sweet and darling and lovely and true.