Nov 6, 2012

ode to the pomegranate.


|| the wind swept her onyx tresses aside as she skipped down the lane, her heart filled with all merriment as though her shoulders carried naught a care in the world - her little world. her basket swung half as gaily as the little sprite tripped down the gentle incline. her chap hands nestled a bright pink fruit, cradling the jewel gently as she began to twist it off the mother tree. her eyes glimmered with ecstasy as they focused on the bright scarlet gem enclosed within her palm - cracking the firm skin, there enclosed were a myriad of deliciously tart clusters. and in that moment the day was a happy day. it was a autumn's day. it was a pomegranate day. ||

happy tuesday, darlings!
the girl picking pomegranates in the garden. 


  1. Okay, so I think I ought to come and live with you for about 365 days and so when fall comes around, I will be there picking pomegranates with you. Savvy?

    And hey, pomegranates were my favorite fruit even before they became a fad so I can appreciate this post from an original pomegranate hoarder. Such foresight as I have...

    Love you, ducky!

  2. this is so lovely, Grace. :) just love the pictures {especially the first one... *swoon*} and your words are simply gorgeous. pomegranate picking sounds lovely! perhaps i should join you. oh, wait... ;)


  3. this is gorgeous! pomegranates are my favorite. xoxo

  4. Pomegranates are really, really yummy!!!
    I did a pastel of them once and it was one of my favorites! I blogged about it here-

  5. Wow....I love these so much....amazing :)
    -mal :)

  6. We really don't have pomegranates up here in Maine. I have to satisfy myself with picking apples. *smile*
    The bokeh in your first photo? Stunning.


  7. oh that first photo.. it is perfect!!

  8. Such lovely words, Grace. I was utterly entranced while reading this. You have a wonderful way with words and photography. I am simply in love. <3


  9. Lovely verse, Grace! I've never seen a pomegranate that hadn't already been plucked & wasn't sitting in the grocery store. God is amazing to make such red "jewels!"
    P.S.: Thanks for your birthday greetings. You don't have to worry about sending me something - your friendship is gift enough. =)

  10. Just discovered your blog and what a lovely blog it is! Am enjoying your photography very much.

    Pomegranates are beautiful AND delicious - and quite healthy too. Great in salads :)

  11. oh my gosh, a pomegrante tree!!! I can imagine seeing one in person like that, it's beautiful!