Feb 13, 2011

The Old, Leather Journal...

Who would have wondered that one beat up, leather book could hold...
So many random ramblings....
 So many papers...
So many entries...
So many kind words and letters...
So many first moments...

So many friendships...
So much of my journey through life...
So many smiles...
So much love...

 So much history...
So much time...
So many ponderings...
So many doodles...
So many mistakes...
So many of my utmost deepest thoughts...
So many hopes...
So many dreams...

So many fond, cherished, memories!

Three years ago on October 26th, 2008, a black ink pen met, the crisp, cream-colored pages of my fresh, unwrinkled journal, sparking my journey in journaling, recording my day's events whether dull or exciting. 
Are you faithful to your journal {I have not been}? 
And to those who do not keep one, I encourage you to do so. Your girlhood/adolescent/pre-marriage years should be the most cherished years of one's life...a time when care-free days, are everyday; and when one grows older, days that will be looked back on with joy. 

My journal has been in the past, a great comfort and companion, patiently listening to all my thoughts and miscellaneous rambles, that I look back on with giggles of my naive, childish trifles:). It's so interesting as time progresses, how thoughts mature. I was twelve when I started writing in my leather journal, and now that time seems so far away.  
Love in Christ,

P.S. Sorry for the unedited pictures!:) I was lazy to-day!:)


  1. Such a lovely journal thank you for sharing. I have started a journal or two myself, but have not kept up on either one of them. From time to time I will pull them out and read what was going a few years ago. It's always amazing to look back and see how time flys and how circumstances and people change. Journal's are a good thing:) Blessings to you.

  2. I love my journal. Dearly. ALL my hopes, dreams, loves, hates, sorrows, tears ETC go there.

  3. I write in my journal every night, and try to get the most amazing, funny, or just surprising things that happened today! I want to get one like what you have though so I can easily write more that a small page worth every night! HEHE


  4. Also I am having a Pay It Forward, if you want to come check it out!

  5. I'm keeping a daily journal this year...already I find the entries from one month ago to be very interesting, and am amazed at how much I've already forgotten!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Grace! I used to keep a journal, though I stopped since I've been blogging more. I can always look back at my online journal! =D Oh, and I got my goodies from you today! Thanks!!

  7. Wow! What an absolutely lovely journal, Grace! I love reading and seeing pictures of other's journals! I have a blog all about journal keeping.

  8. Hello Grace! Oh, how lovely! I love your journal!!! =) I have been journaling ever sense I can remember! I think I started when I was 10.
    Thank you so much for your card! I got it today! I am so glad to have a friend like you!
    Have a lovely day!
    With Love,

  9. Do you do your journal like a scrap book/ memory book??

  10. I love writing in my journal!:)
    ~Anna K

  11. Dearest Grace,
    I was wondering, where did u get you journal?

  12. Hello, dear friend!

    Well, my parents purchased my lovely, leather journal for my 12th birthday, which was a horrible/exciting occasion!:) {I had the stomach flu}. Anyways, I picked it out at Barnes and Nobles in San Luis, top shelf in the journal section. I LOVE it because it is not lined!:) Hope this helps! When I fill this book, I shall store this in my hopechest, and purchase an exact copy of it, for I do love it SO much!

    Miriam~ Yes, I keep it as a journal/memory book although I would like to make a dream book and a scrapbook someday. <3

    Lots of Love to the both of you,

  13. Grace, Oh okay! What a lovely idea!