Feb 11, 2011

Sign the Petition!

During the Valentine season, romance can be felt in the air. Valentine's is celebrated within the depths of winter, and the red, crimson roses and hearts and flowers are a great and welcomed sight against the cold, chilling, snowy background. Just the sight of this ruby red flower warms the heart!

Though, in to-days world, whether through novels or entertainment, the word love has been twisted, distorted, taken lightly, and the world has now made love not a precious, meaningful word, but just a plain word.   

Teenage years, young ladies everywhere suffer from the peer pressure of having a boyfriend.Truly, I do not understand why a young lady, her heart so pure, innocent, completely perfect and beautiful, would want to have it broken to many times to count; to give away pieces and bits to every man that comes along with his charms. I personally, do not believe {for my life} the Lord has called me to "date;" I see nothing completely wrong with the method of dating, as long as it is handled correctly, and dating, unfortunately, can/may lead to many a broken heart.  

What I have learned after reading Sarah Malley's Before You Meet Prince Charming is one cannot just keep physically pure, but also emotionally and mindfully pure. We girls have strong emotions; emotions that make us the "swaying pendulums" that our personality rests upon. When one has a broken heart from dating, she not only has her heart sore, but also another piece of her emotions are broken, leading to unstable emotions in the future years. 

I think we can also get very romantic either way, being pure and waiting for Prince Charming, or dating any man we meet. Right now, I have no desire to marry {it will always be my wish but not yet!:)}; so I want to use these single years {which should be many!:)} for the Lord, to come closer to my Lord Jesus Christ. To help my family, become a good keeper of the home. Oh, yes, I will still wait patiently, and pray that my Prince will keep pure, strong, and Godly. Indeed I shall! But, I have the least desire for the moment...  

~The Petition~
I would really like to hear from you! Write a of what purity means to you and a little pledge stating you will stay pure for your future Prince Charming. If you would like to stand up for purity, please paste one of these to your sidebar, and perhaps, write up a post about this on your blog! 



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With Love,


  1. I believe what you posted dear Grace! I just told a girl today {she said she had a boyfriend that she kissed} what if she got married to someone else, and her "boyfriend" wouldn't matter anymore. How would her husband feel when she told him {this is what I asked her} she had a different boyfriend and kissed him? Well, anyways, I agree with you!

  2. What a lovely post, dear friend!!!
    Purity is so important to be! (Both physically, and emotionally!)
    I think it would be just wonderful to tell my husband someday that he was my one and only true love and that I stayed pure for him! What a joy and testimony that would be!
    It is so important to wait for Mr, Right, instead of "testing" other young men to see if they are him.
    Waiting with you, my dear sister in Christ!!!

  3. May we all be able to say one day to our children when they ask us who our first true love was, "He is your Daddy". We should be writing a love story that we will be proud to tell someday!

  4. Lovely petition, Grace! I am honored that you started one of your own. :) Thank you for signing mine!


  5. I Hereby state that I am joining in and signing the petition. That I will be commited to purity until my Prince Charming comes- both physically and spiritually (heart). That I will pray daily for those who are also signing up for this petition.

    Haha, did that sound formal enough? lol!! Thanks for doing this! This looks like a neat thing. I will be putting on one of the buttons!

    Love ya! Sarah