Feb 8, 2011

Feelin' Feminine Challenge~Day 2 and 3

Hello, my dear readers!!! Thank you all who have been faithfully joining me! I am so sorry that I did not publish this yesterday...I had the horrible case of my allergies {I mean I couldn't stop sneezing} and did not feel up to posting this yesterday. NOT FUN AT ALL!!! Mother has made an appointment with the doctor to get a prescription for my REALLY bad allergies next week..:p  
This is a horrid picture of me!!! I look tired and ill...probably because I am! :p So here was my outfit for yesterday:

Blouse: Old Navy
Brown Skirt: Ross
Hairstyle: Down, Long
Shoes: None
I stayed home all day yesterday, but I dressed up for you all!:) Sorry for such a terrible photo! 

This is what I wore to-day. I was suppose to attend my violin lessons this afternoon, but I woke up not feeling well again. Mama took me out just for a little while after school, for me to get some fresh air. We went to Michael's and I purchased some lovely craft supplies {pictures coming soon}.

Oh, and I am sorry to my Pay It Foward gals out there! I am in the process of addressing your envelopes! I feel really bad about not sending them sooner!

My outfit for to-day~
Pink Blouse {which I LOVE; it is a bit wrinkled though!:)}: Hand-me-down from a dear friend. Here is a better photo of the top.

Skirt: Up Scale Resale, a delightful little shop in a nearby town...the shop is like Good Will only "Up Scale" from top-design products, not that I am a "top design" kind of girl ;)  
Hairstyle: French Braid
Ribbon: Michael's {CUTENESS!}
Shoes: Black Ballet Flats, Payless {Can you not tell I shop there a lot???} 

To-morrow, if I am feeling well, my friends and I shall go for a tennis match. 'Twill be my first attempt in playing a sport in a skirt; that ought to be interesting!:)  

P.S. Please pray that my allergies will subside. I become quite cross and ill-tempered when I have a bad case,  and I feel very drowsy...springtime is such a lovely season in CA; however how can one enjoy the weather when their eyes are nearly closed and blood-shot, and sneezing half of the day??? Thanks so much!

P.S.S. Hannah from Hannah's World is hosting her Pay It Forward, giving away some lovely cards. Go check it out HERE! There are four spots open!


  1. Grace,
    I will pray that your allergies lighten up and get better soon.
    I really like your pink shirt :)


  2. I hope you feel better!! You look so pretty in all of these pictures :) I love your hair!

  3. Grace, here are my two outfits! I am sorry you are not feeling well *frown*
    Day 2 - http://afarmgirlramblings.blogspot.com/2011/02/ff-challenge-day-2.html
    Day 3 - http://afarmgirlramblings.blogspot.com/2011/02/ff-challenge-day-3.html


  4. I love both of them!!! And I hope you get better really soon!!!!!!
    Here is my day 2 and 3!



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  6. Sorry about your allergies. :( I'll pray for you!

    I really like your outfits. ;)

  7. I hope you feel better soon, I will pray for you. I love your shirt!

  8. sorry about the allergies...you should pick up something feminine from my shop!

  9. I am sorry about your allergies,
    I will be praying for you:)
    By the way your oufits are very cute! I really like your pink shirt!
    Here is day 4 http://acertainsunrise.blogspot.com/2011/02/feelin-feminine-challenge-day-4.html
    I have yet to
    get the days I missed posted
    but when I do I will give you those links as well.

    Have A Blessed Day
    Ileigh Jean

  10. Here is my day 4! http://girlsoffaith123.blogspot.com/2011/02/feelin-feminine-challenge-day-4.html

  11. Oh, and here is day 5! =)