May 15, 2010

Welcome Friends from the Acedemic Fair!!!

This post is specifically for my friends who are seeking my stories from the acedemic fair.

Well, first of all I want to tell you WELCOME!!! I hope you enjoy your visit!

You can find
The King's Daughter Part I by clicking HERE,
Part II by clicking HERE
and you can find
The King's Quest Part I HERE and
Enjoy, oh, and please comment that you stopped by!

Your sister in Christ,


  1. I read the "King's Daughter" and liked it very much. Sorry I didn't have time to read the other yet. I can tell you like to write about kings and queens. (-:

  2. Dear Kendra,
    Yes, I do like to write about Kings and Queens and royalty, but I really like to write historical fiction! I am currently writing a story called A House Full of Secrets which is a really cool mystery. Hopefully I shall be posting about that soon:)
    Hope you are having a good day!
    In Christ,

  3. These stories are so good! Is there a King's Daughter part III? Can't wait to read your mystery! :D

    Abby :D

  4. hi grace.
    thanks for yout comment
    email me soon

  5. Hi Grace, thanks for your little note! I always like getting 'em from my fav little sis! I'm doing well, & pray you are too. Of course I don't mind that you link to me (in fact, I like it=), & feel free to snag the video tutorials I used!
    Lots of Love,

  6. Grace,
    I loved The King's Daughter. I'll comment again after I read your other one.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy

  7. Hi Grace (and Dad and Mom!),
    We have stopped by your two blogs and we really enjoy them! We look forward to exploring them more, and getting to know you and your family better. Maybe one day we can all fellowship and share a meal, family to family. Have a great week. We are proud of you and the Godly young lady you are.
    God bless,
    The Reinstedts (Erick, Mary Ann, Bethany, and Abigail)
    P.S. In case you don't recognize our names, I am the one who taught on Monday night at Family Worship Center.
    P.S.S. You can also visit my blog where you and your family can read more about our family, and things God shows me and leads me to share. It's link is:
    P.S.S.S. Bethany wants to start her own blog. Maybe you can offer some suggestions to her!