May 2, 2010

Planning a Trip

Dear Readers,

Hello Everybody!!! I hope that everybody is having a great Sunday!!!
Oh, my giveaway has been soooooooo much fun!!! I am so glad that everybody enjoyed themselves, and I wanted to thank all of the people who entered my giveaway.
This week is going to be so busy, and it has not even started. I cannot even believe I am having time to write this!!!!
Well, part of the busyness is because my family and I are in preparation for a small trip to our state capital, Sacramento for my brother-in-law's memorial; he was a CHP officer in Santa Barabra and was killed in an accident on October 29, 2010 (please pray for my sister and my niece).
We are staying in a hotel that is right across from the capital building! I will definintely post some pictures of the Capital Building while I am staying there, and I am so glad that we are taking this laptop!
Your prayers for safe passage with be much appreciated by the whole family. Thanks so much!
Have a wonderful Sunday, dearest Readers!
In Christ,


  1. Hi Grace!
    Thanks for your kind comment, dear sis! =) I am doing quite fine & dandy. I will definitely be praying for your sister & niece (that must be so hard that they are not part of your family in Christ - one of my sisters really struggles & hasn't really spoken to any of the rest of the family this whole year (except her young adult son - my nephew). I will also pray for you & your family to have a safe trip. Please pray for me - I've got an interview on Thursday - it's for a job that I actually went to school for! But, I do want God's will - so please pray for that (if He wants me to have this job kinda thing). Well, have a nice trip fav sis! Know that you've always got a space in my prayers!

  2. Hello Grace, are you on? I just got your comment!

  3. We ALWAYS seem to be on at the same time!!! {giggles}! But, I certainly DON'T mind!!!{giggles}!

  4. I will be praying for your family, Grace, and also for your sister and niece.
    Have a safe trip, dearest friend and sister!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  5. Well, I am going now! Thank you for your sweet comments! Yes, I am having a beautiful, spring'y, sunday afternoon! How are you dear Sister?

    Yes, I can not wait to recieve your letter! It will most likely come tommarrow!

    Bye for now!


  6. Thank you for hosting your lovely give-away. I loved participating in it! I will pray for your sister and niece and I hope you have a blessed trip! A sister in Christ, Frannie

  7. I liked your giveaway (even if I didn't win (-:), and I will certaintly pray for your sister! (And niece) I'm sorry they are not Christians!

  8. Dear Grace,

    Yes, yes of course you can use any of those paintings in my last post to past here on your blog(s)! Thank you for asking!

    I just recieved your letter in the mail!!! What a lovely surprise!!! I LOVE the new little pillow you sent me! *snif* it smells SO good!!! And the little rings fit perfectly, as well as your beautifully beaded braclet!!! I felt so spoiled! As if it was my Birthday!

    Thank you SO much!


  9. Hi Grace,
    I just wanted to let you know that I got your comment about the blog button. I'm sorry you're having trouble! I can completely understand though. It tooks me the longest time to figure out blog buttons!

    Here's my e-mail address:

    E-mail me with your questions, and I'll try to help you, okay? :-)

    ~ Lots of Love,
    Lindsay <3

    P.S. - If you've already made the button, I can do the HTML/linking part. Just thought I'd let you know about that. ;-)

  10. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my picture book blog. I think Seymour the venus flytrap sounds like a great picture book. Keep it up!