May 11, 2010

Awards, Tags, and Bloggers, Oh My!!!!

I am sooooo sorry for letting this pile up. I have had a lot of my blogging sisters award me.

Dearest Jenna from Where the Heart Remains awarded this sweet award:

I posted it on my Writing Blog and I will award this to:

Johanna from "An Old-Fashion Girl"

Kendra from "Ismikendra"

Miriam from "Maidens of Virtue"

Miss Grace from "The Upper Road"

Leah from "The Narrow Path"

And I know that you have already been awarded this but I shall also award

Lindsay from "Content in Christ,"

Bess from "Bess Bag"

You girls are the sweetest, and I always enjoy your comments!

Bess awarded me this and with it a tag:)

Instructions: List five random facts about yourself

Award five stylish blogging friends

Okay well...

1. I have petted a penguin and have swam with the dolphins!

2. I know a lot of the Disney princess songs by heart:)

3. I am usually a swim teacher's assistant in the summer and get a lot of great perks doing that job even though I am not paid:)

4. I was in a comercial for a summer break bus pass last year!

5. I have always dreamed of touring Europe.

Okay, I am really not sure that these facts are actually random, but you get the idea:)

And now I am awarding this too....

Any of my followers who comments that they want this award

Bess, Johanna, and Liz Darcy (Isiah 40:31) all awarded me this fun award!

I also pasted this one on my writing blog
About this award:

A prolific blogger is one who is intelectually productive, keeping up on an active blog with enjoyable content, after accepting this award, the recipients are asked to pass it forward to 7 other deserving blogs.

Well, I think most of the authors of the blogs I follow have received this award, so I am going to award this to some of the people who I am not follower of their blogs just to say thank you for following my blog!

Okay, I will award this to, how about...

Megan from "The Life of a Twelve Year Old,"

Miss Antoinette K. from "Pratical Simplicity"

Ashley Nicole from "Bramblewood Fashion"

Seriena from, "Seriena's Photography Blog"

Kimmi from "Kimmi's Corner"

Lizzy from "Tales of A Godly Maiden"

And Zara from "Maidens throughout the World."

Thank you, girls for following my blog!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely spring weather!

Your truly,


  1. Thank you for all the awards!!!
    Love always,

  2. Don't forget to post about the encouriging blogger award! You really deserve it, for you wonderful encouringing comments you leave me!

  3. Thank you so much for the award, Grace! I'll be sure to blog about it soon! :D


  4. Thank you very much, Grace! I'll post about it on my blog soon. (-:

  5. Grace,
    You have been awarded!
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy

  6. Thanks so much, Grace! Those facts are quite amazingly cool! =) The whole commercial, dolphin-swimming, penguin-petting, everything! Neat!
    P.S.: I know the Disney Princess songs, too! =)