May 16, 2010

Of Yarn and Crocheting

Hello, dearest readers!!! Hope that everyone is having a lovely spring day!

Well, I have not posted my current projects in a long time so here are a few:

I made the blue and pink flowers in about an hour. They are quite easy; you just need to know the double crochet, half double crochet, and triple crochet. Perhaps I will have to post a tutorial soon including one explaining how to knit a headband. Would you like that?

Here is a photo of the yarn I bought to-day called Peaches n' Cream (pink and from Walmart) and Sugar n' Cream (blue and from Michelles). I think that they are by the same company, but am not sure.

May you have a blessed day!

Best Regards from Your Sister in Christ,


  1. Those flowers are so cute! Hope you are faring well today, dear little sis! I'm so glad we met in the blog-world! I think you're great! =)

  2. Oh, they are lovely, dear friend! :)

  3. Beautiful job dear friend!!! I would love to know how to make them, maybe you could share a tutorial, or share where you found a tutorial!

  4. So sorry I have not submitted anything for the A.C. SO BUSY lately!

    Could you please email me with what you would like to see? Would you like a story, or photos, or ads etc?

  5. They're lovely. :) Yes, please post the tutorial.

    I LOVE working with cotton yarn...I think it's probably my favorite fiber to work with although I've never used wool, mohair or anything like that. Just acrylic, blends, and cotton. :)

  6. The crocheted flowers are beautiful! You are quite talented! I would love a totorial. :)

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Miss Sarah Elizabeth

  7. Grace,
    Sure you can. I'd have done the same thing if I knew how. By the way, your flowers are lovely.
    Your sister in Christ,
    Liz Darcy

  8. I can sense your delight with crochet stitch and color. I have crocheted with cotton: primarily dischcloths. I work mostly with wool from our farm. See my blog On Litzen Road Post: Verdant Farm Wool for an example. I really admire those flowers, I purchased a newly printed book on crochet that teaches doing those... but haven't tried it with my wool yet... hope too! Your yarn with the vase is lovely photography... and probably fun to set up.
    By the way, the give away items for Grace were very special and everyone smelled those little pillows... and read your nice letter.

  9. I really like the teal one! I would love to learn how to crochet, but don't have a teacher. I have a book, but I don't understand it. I'm glad you can crochet so beautifully. I really like doilies too. Well, talk to you later! Feel free to visit my blog, Learning Life's Lessons. God Bless!

    Because He lives,