Jun 1, 2015

there is a story in this / edition 3 / tie this around your finger.


it started with a ladder. a ladder with two rungs missing that creaked under the weight of the souls who dared to climb it. one after another, words flew from mouth to ear. mouth to ear. 
up. up. up. we mapped our escape route to the skies.
quilts made from the hems of skirts were spread; knees were tucked to our chins. "you have a string," i remember you teased and reached to tug - but i stopped you. "you have to cut it, else it will unravel." (the metaphor of that statement wouldn't sink in until years later). 
shoulders brushed, unnoticed. we blushed hoping others wouldn't notice. but the rest did and pressed lips curled into smiles against plaid sleeves, holding the hearts we all naively sewed there. the humid air was flecked with our rebel talk but eventually a weighted hush settled on our shoulders. silence, though unfamiliar, was full and warmed with genuine camaraderie. 
our group of sixteen, all bound by a town that slept six months out of the year and burned for the rest. except for those few days that dangled at the end of may. sixteen souls sewn together by threads: attic full of memories and a radio station jammed with songs. we seized those rare hours that lingered, when the horizon was drowning in an ocean of colors. gradients of blues bleeding into crimsons, turned cold purple. i still remember it: how the sun sank heroically into the river that cut without apologies through the heart of town - slowly and then all at once. and it fascinated me. 
these years change us. no matter how much we resist. slowly and then all at once. 
and we didn't realize it at the time - we didn't realize what we would lose. sitting there with palms stifling laughter, no one knew five years later our number would dwindle down to fifteen...then fourteen...twelve...ten...five...and then three. some grew restless. some ran. for how long? the postcard's that hang on my fridge only will tell of their wanderings. some would be lost, and their names were tinted with rumors. some would come back, battle scarred and with sadder eyes. most of them wouldn't. (daddy had always told me prodigals were common and homecomings were rare).
you didn't come back. now, every lose string on the hem of my clothes threads back to memories of sun-drenched rooftop rendezvouses when we were young and happy and content simply being. 
there is a story in this: is a collaboration between myself and the ever-astounding, forever lovely, incredibly talented, and one of my dearest friends 
miss mikailah of wander/wonderthe concept is to take stills from this board, to motivate us to set aside time to spin stories amidst our busy lives, and to unearth the pinches of fiction, inspired and gathered from daydreams and reality alike, currently squeezing our hearts. read my first installments I & II and mikailah's breath-taking compositions: EDITION I & II & III on her lovely blog. 
it feels good to write stories again || feels like coming home. 
happy june, lovelies!
*disclaimer: image above via david wallace on flicker
attributed inspiration for this story: hannah nicole's the boy you once loved || gabrielle aplin's home || 


  1. this. this is one of my favorite pieces that you have ever written. (but honestly, that's true about every masterpiece that flows from your fingers.) you weave poetry and real life and emotion so seamlessly into everything you do, and i honestly have no more words to say about this. i could read this over, and over. i want to staple this to my heart, carry it everywhere i go. i love you. i love your heart, i love your nostalgic, clinging, brave, free soul. don't ever stop writing. not many people can send chills down my spine with their written words, but you are one of them. <3 <3

  2. I was so excited to see you two start this series up again! Your words are so beautiful, dear girl. I love how you have captured where so many of us are right now and also captured what the future may hold, or what we fear it may hold. So, so beautiful.