May 9, 2014

there is a story in this / edition 2 / round and round.

:: Round and Round :: 
round and round i won't run away this time, till you show me what this life is for. round and round i'm not going to let you change my mind, till you show me what this life is for. 

// imagine dragons //
how could i rationalize this, when we never saw each other? or perhaps worse yet: i was invisible to you. we ran in a full flung circle - a never-ending, dizzying carousel ride. in opposite directions. you were a piece of art, a masterpiece, and i was the absent minded coffee stain in the left hand corner of the canvas. you were the developed photograph. i was the left over negatives. you were effortlessly graceful. i was born awkward. you danced. i stumbled. you were the sky, and i was caught, dumbfounded on earth. we would be a paradox. together, we would inevitably create the epicenter of the storm that would tear this world apart.
but then, there was this one moment, a sultry day at the end of july, where even carousel circles had to meet at one point. where midsummer gave a sliver of hope to the {literally hopeless} romantics by making anything and everything seem possible. and you were the impossible.
the fair had come to town and by some miracle we crossed paths in the labyrinth of popcorn, cotton candy stalls and deafening rides {by "crossing paths" i mean, my almost tripping you with my inherent clumsiness}. your face seemed to brighten with recognition in the dusty evening glow, as i apologized profusely. but my smile beamed, when my eyes interlocked with yours. hello's, were exchanged, awkwardly on my part, but you laughed lyrically. and like an introvert, i chuckled, praying it would be enough to cover up my nervousness. with a soft goodbye, you flitted away, while my heart sank with a harsh thud.
the rickety iron gate creaked open, allowing a wild flood of people into the arena. oddly enough, every swing i attempted to claim, someone always arrived there a second sooner. baffled, i frantically scanned the forest of silver chains.
"quick as you can!" the ride operator barked irritably. without any determined direction, i began to sprint. little did i know, the circle was closing. finally! i grasped an empty swing towards me, and nearly jumped when i saw you tug at the same time. the circle closed. i apologized for the second time that evening, and was about to slip away, when you stopped me. "it's a two-seater," you grinned.
midsummer must have been laughing hysterically, as i blushed. the ride operator was coming round checking the clasps. fumbling, we raised the bar and squeezed into the swing before he came around for inspection. we bid the earth "adieu" as it began to swim into a fairyland of blurred lines and lights. bokeh flickered about us like fireflies. round and round. we spun. only, i didn't have a chance to run away this time. the wind caught our laughter, and i felt the world soaring underfoot. our arms flailed wildly about over our heads like we were bound and determined to not let life pass us by. moments slipped by like an eternity, spent in a midair heaven. it was only until my feet touched the ground again and my ears were full of the hasty clanking of iron that i realized how dizzying reality was. i gave you my hand. standing uneasily, i was the last person who should have helped you to your feet. but somehow we managed without staggering to the ground. 
"thank you," instead of letting you, you squeezed my hand. "again?" you laughed vivaciously. and for once, i knew we had stepped off that whirling carousel circle in dizzying ecstasy.
there is a story in this: is a collaboration between myself and the ever-astounding, forever lovely, incredibly talented, and one of my dearest friends 
miss mikailah of wander/wonderthe concept is to take stills from this board, to motivate us to set aside time to spin stories amidst our busy lives, and to unearth the pinches of fiction, inspired and gathered from daydreams and reality alike, currently squeezing our hearts. read my first installment here and mikailah's breath-taking compositions: EDITION I & II on her lovely blog. 
*disclaimer: image above via pinterest 


  1. What a lovely story, but I'm wishing it was true and that is a picture from the day! :) Your pictures are always so lovely! The first picture on your past post I was especially attracted to!

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  3. "...we would be a paradox. together, we would inevitably create the epicenter of the storm that would tear this world apart."

    Grace, you amazing, delicious, incredible writer you. You never cease to inspire me. Thank you for sharing this piece of art. xx

  4. Um. I'm kind of madly in love with your writing. It's so vivid and so beautiful, and I'm just so blown away. As Acacia said, thank you for sharing this piece of art! Can't wait for the next edition. :)